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Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife(Historical Romance) Wealthy landowner Simon Clare shuns Northumbrian society With his son gravely ill, the last thing Simon needs is an interfering woman assuming command of his household no matter how sensuous her figure, or how tempting her luscious lipsPhoebe Benedict knows what it is to struggle and isn t frightened of the badly scarred recluse and his gruff exterior It s the man beneath the scars that makes her heart race

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    Altro storico che parte in quarta e poi si perde strada facendo con un finale frettoloso e superficiale probabilmente complice qualche tagliuzzamento qua e l _ La trama mi ha un poco ricordato la bella e la bestia oooh che bello e anche vagamente Jane Eyre e per tutta la prima met della storia l autrice ha portato avanti con abilit il personaggio un poco

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    I really like Michelle Styles writing style I thought I would know what would happen next, what they would do or say, and I was so wrong This is not a clich of a story, or textbook characters Simon is still suffering from his wounds, his leg and his eye and they give him headaches Climbing the stairs to the nursery to visit with his son, is difficult And t

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    So, I won this on Goodreads first reads and I got a bit disappointed.I really liked the way the book started The writing was apparently good and the story seemed great and promising Allthough, somewhere in the middle, the book just appeared to be slow and without much happening in the story It s not that I didn t like the book I did, it was a pleasent, ligh

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    Phoebe Benedict is prepared for a fight when she shows up with a kitten at Simon Clare s doorstep After all, he was expecting his sister Diana to come and care for his dangerously ill son, Robert Instead, Phoebe arrives Simon Clare is known for his temper, and he has been a recluse since he was injured and scarred by an engine upon which he was experimenting

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    I feel quite ambivalent about this book.On one hand, I liked the story setting, the theme and the characters Despite the fact that story develops slowly, it charmed me from the start I loved the start of the love story and the initial exploration of the characters.However, I got the feeling that something essential was missing I believe that the author failed

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    Miniseries Clare Brother and Sister

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    Another beautifully written story from Michelle Styles.

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    Received as a GoodReads giveaway A predictable romance, but a nice read.

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    Miniseries Clare Brother and Sister

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    Not bad but I found Phoebe a ninny She was so worried about herself that she couldn t open up to Simon and kept waiting for him to reveal his weaknesses.

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