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Champagne with a Celebrity Pride, passion and the paparazzi Beautiful socialite Amber Wynne is constantly in the press usually for her spectacularly bad love life But when Amber meets gorgeous Frenchman Guy at a wedding she begins to wonder if her very public life could be stopping her finding love Darkly brooding parfumier Guy Lef vre shuns the press, and he d like to shun Amber too She may be stunningly sexy, but a heated affair with Amber would risk the media discovering the secret that could shatter his world But now he s getting to know the real woman behind the celebrity fa ade, can he really let her walk out of his life CHATEAU LEF VRE Rich and spicy these men are as irresistible as their wine

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    Champagne with a Celebrity was just an okay read for me Guy is someone who makes perfume but a virus has robbed him of the ability to smell While attending his brother s marriage he meets Amber who superficially reminds him of his ex wife not a good memory.Amber is a party girl, she enjoys life, doesn t hurt anyone and loves making people

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    This was okay Not great I did enjoy the glimpse into the life of a perfumerier I think that s how you spell it The drama wasn t too intense The only part that bothered me was the other woman in the relationship the memory of the relationship with his ex who the heroine reminded him of the first time he saw her blah blahOther than that, it

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    This was fun And sort of novel, because outside of Laura Florand, I don t think I ve ever read a book about anyone who makes perfume and the circumstances of this were very different And again, a thing that I feel the need to keep pointing out about Kate Hardy, but this is mostly just two people who like each other figuring out how to make

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    I liked this book much better than I thought I would The hero had some of the typical baggage that is typical of your Harlequin Mills Boon hero, but not all He was dealing with something actually serious, and potentially life changing when he met the heroine The heroine was nothing at all of what I was expecting She was closer to the other w

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    Me gusto bastante, me encanto la personalidad de Amber.

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    The second book in a duet, which begins with the marriage of the previous two characters Red Wine and her Sexy Ex Just like the previous book was a beautiful glimpse into the life of a vintner, this one immerses the reader in the world of a parfumier It has Kate s trademark yumminess I am always hungry when I read her books and a generous help

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    Amber, the press magnet, meets Guy, a parfumier, at her friend s wedding She is drawn to the abrupt man and he feels she is just like his ex wife Of course, they are just hiding behind shields that they have erected to protect themselves from others Guy has a secret that he doesn t want revealed and Amber only wants to help It all comes out, bu

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    Another fab read and a sweet story Set in the South of France in the perfumerie capital of the world Simply gorgeous.

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    Brutal Y el final me encanto

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    Miniseries One Night at a Wedding

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