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The Mind-Body Mood Solution Depression is the leading cause of disability in America The incidence of depression in the United States today is 10 times greater than it was in 1960 and that rate doubles every decade Changes in the way we live, work, eat, sleep, and interact have made us increasingly vulnerable to this mood disorder We are living out of sync with nature, our bodies, our spirits, and one another We are living in an age of depression. Practical tips on dealing with depression A must read for anyone who is experiencing depression or knows someone who is. This one was a little too self help for me, complete with charts and quizzes, etc I also thought that all of the recommendations and suggestions were merely common sense stress relief, eating right, exercising, etc This is all advice any person would give to any other person trying to improve his or her life.The only part I found enlightening was the section on chemicals, specifically tryptophan and serotonin It was interesting to read how those are formed in the body and what you can do to boost production of specific amino acids to aid in the process Also, I liked the suggestion of meditation and belly breathing.The idea of presence, though, is nothing new That concept has names than Jesus does I prefer the term mindfulness and I think that practicing it cultivates a spirit of gratitude that would help anyone, depressed or not.The section on light and light boxes was informative, too It s not a total loss to read this but you know most of it already. I give this 5 stars because I firmly believe what Dr Rossman teaches will not just help those suffering from depression but also ordinary normal folks who struggle with daily challenges.This is one of those rare books that is honest and sincerely wants to help people The recommendations are holistic and practical and accessible These means first dealing with the common plagues of modern life eg not sleeping enough, not eating healthily, not exercising all of which contribute to feeling bad He then shares other mental managed approaches.If I, or anyone I know, suffer from depression I would recommend Dale Carngie s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living and this book by Dr Rossman You can tell he really cares.

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