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Distortion Offensive The boundaries of order created by the nine baronies during America s apocalyptic aftermath have fallen away to a new wave of transcending chaos The deep rooted conspiracy that shadows humanity has been exposed, the relentless battle for earth continues, and only an intrepid faction of exiles possesses the might and means to repulse the tide of subjugation and subversion from alien oppressorsThe scion of the Cerberus rebels fiercest foe has risen from his own ashes and hijacked the very storehouse of earth s reality The Ontic Library, buried deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, is the glue holding the fabric of what is real and what is not in place Archivist Brigid Baptiste takes the plunge into the sentient data stream of infinite knowledge to stop the dangerous curiosity of a god prince from discovering the omnipotent knowledge that could destroy the world

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About the Author: James Axler

James Axler was a house pseudonym used by Gold Eagle Books, the action adventure imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.The pseudonym was first used for the Deathlands series, which began in 1986 with Pilgrimage to Hell, created by Christopher Lowder under the pseudonym Jack Adrian and co written with Laurence James who continued Deathlands until retiring from the series in 1995.At that point, prolific author and comics creator Mark Ellis took over the Axler pen name Mark created the popular Death Hawk character and also developed created Star Rangers, The Justice Machine, Ninja Elite and The Miskatonic Project as well as working on such popular properties as Doc Savage, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., H.P Lovecraft s Cthulhu, The Avenger, The Green Hornet, The Saint and The Wild Wild West and King Solomon s Mines Mark contributed novels to Gold Eagle s Deathlands and Mack Bolan The Executioner series In 1996 he created the best selling OUTLANDERS series He has producedbooks as James Axler than any other writer.With the cancellation of the Gold Eagle imprint at the end of 2015, OUTLANDERS ended its 18.5 year run, making it the most successful mass market paperback series of the last 30 years.Mark has been featured in Starlog, Comics Scene and Fangoria magazines He has also been interviewed by Robert Siegel for NPR s All Things Considered.His books include THE EVERYTHING GUIDE TO WRITING GRAPHIC NOVELS, CRYPTOZOICA, THE SPUR LOKI S ROCK, THE SPUR HELLDORADO, THE FALCON RESURRECTED and NOSFERATU PLAGUE OF TERROR.His most recent books are PARALLAX PRIME OF DIRE CHIMERAS 2017 , KNIGHTWATCH INVICTUS X , DEATH HAWK THE COMPLETE SAGA 2019 and CALLSIGN CERBERUS EXILE TO HELL 2020.He lives in rural Ireland with his wife, best selling author Melissa Martin Ellis.

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