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The Wind's Twelve Quarters Wizardry, transforming its master into a cloud of fine mistcloning, duplicating the ideal man ten times overUtopia, in a city where almost everyone is perfectly happyUrsula Le Guin, author of The Earthsea Trilogy, has a special way of blending stirring adventure with fantasy that has made comparison with such masters as CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien inevitableNow, in The Wind s Twelve Quarters, seventeen of her favorite stories reaffirm Ursula Le Guin as one of America s outstanding writersNTENTS ForewordSemley s NecklaceApril in ParisThe MastersDarkness BoxThe Word of UnbindingThe Rule of NamesWinter s KingThe Good TripNine LivesThingsA Trip to the HeadVaster than Empires and More SlowThe Stars BelowThe Field of VisionDirection of the RoadThe Ones Who Walk Away from OmelasThe Day Before the Revolution

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    This collection of stories is a chronological assortment of published work during the first ten years of Le Guin in publication it is hard to believe she wasn t published until 32, but her enormous talent makes one feel like all those years leading up to the first story were spent in a literary chrysalis Le Guin is a master author, and whether or not sci fi is a reader s

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    Short stories The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas and The Day Before the Revolution elevate this collection of what is already an impeccable achievement of intelligent imagination, to a work of immense wisdom.

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    Note, March 11, 2019 I ve just edited this review to correct two minor typos.The 17 stories collected here all appeared in a couple of cases, under different titles in various magazines, mostly geared to SF or speculative fiction, from 1960 to 1974 So chronologically, they directly precede those in the later collection The Compass Rose which I reviewed last week , and if m

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    Unlike Four Ways to Forgiveness, this is an uneven collection, a mixed bag of Le Guin s early short stories My favorite are definitely the sci fi stories from Hainish cycle Winter s King a prequel to The Left Hand of Darkness , The Day Before the Revolution a prequel to The Dispossessed An Ambiguous Utopia , Vaster than Empires and More Slow humans try to communicate with a

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    Le Guin s first short story collection, which includes The Masters A Story 2 5 II II 4Darkness Box 3 5 I know it s up for me, if you steal my sunshineThe Word of Unbinding 4 5 OK on its own as a story of a good wizard who is imprisoned by a powerful Le Guin s first short story collection, which includes Semley s Necklace A Story 4 5 prologue to Rocannon s World works just fi

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    The specialty of this collection is the chronological order of the stories They encompass a decade after Ursula K Le Guin s first publishing, and are an interesting witness of her evolution as a writer There is no bummer among them, yet in terms of how I could emotionally connected to the stories there was a clear linearity.The four stories that impressed me the most are all

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    There are stars in the earth, he thought, if one knew how to see them.How can one come up with worlds so diverse and so convincing, when one must unfold their story in such short space and time Reading Ursula K Le Guin post mortem for the first time, mind you was a rather interesting and emotionally diverse experience for a variety of reasons.I was rather skeptical at first I

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    I ve only read one other Ursula Le Guin book The Left Hand of Darkness, which I loved for making me think so hard , so it was a treat to get a range of her short stories Collections like these aren t necessarily an author s greatest hits But after reading The Wind s Twelve Quarters, I feel like I know Le Guin much better and consequently, got a good insight in her creative proc

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    Her first collection 1975 Currently rereading 9 18 17 Opens with Semley s Necklace , one of her 2 best shorts.Very nice cover art, uncredited, probably by Pauline Ellison Her first collection 1975 Currently rereading 9 18 17 Opens with Semley s Necklace , one of her 2 best shorts.Very nice cover art, uncredited, probably by Pauline Ellison

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    I enjoyed this overall and quite liked a number of the stories I didn t particularly like how curated this collection is by Le Guin Each story has a small introduction from her that I found to be too influential in my reading of the stories Eventually, I d read the story first and go back to her comments But it made the whole collection seem less about the stories andabout the au

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