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Other People's Business Don t go there The stylish, toffee skinned beauty with the flattire looks like the kind of uppity city girl L J Saunders hassworn to stay away from even if she does have sass, smarts andlegs to rival any Las Vegas showgirl But LJ was brought upright, and no gentleman would leave a lady stranded Look but don t touch Autumn Nicholson has made somepromises, too No flings until she s sure it s the real thing especially not with a luscious, hard muscled hunk who ll be leaving DC in amatter of weeksBut when fate, well meaning friends and a sizzling, sensualattraction intervene, LJ and Autumn may be in for a changein plans

About the Author: Pamela Yaye

My love for reading developed at an early age My parents, Daniel and Gwendolyn Odidison, were both avid readers and encouraged me to read as much as possible Trips to the public library were the highlight of my week and by the time I was in junior high I was reading everything from biographies to suspense to True Confession magazines I got my big break when I was only fourteen years old I read my first poem at my local church and received a standing ovation Reading my poems and seeing my plays come to life on stage proved to me that I had a God given talent for the written word.After graduating with a Bachelor s Degree in Christian Education, I hugged my family goodbye and boarded a plane for Seoul, South Korea I loved every minute of living in Seoul The people, the food, the culture, the shopping Three years later, I returned home with a fresh outlook on life and a gorgeous fianc yay me Jean Claude and I married, settled into our new home and now have an adorable, three year old daughter named Aysiah who keeps us very busy.I penned my first novella while teaching in South Korea and upon the advice of a good friend and colleague I transformed, Other People s Business, into a full length novel I wrote The Trouble With Luv soon after Two years and thirty rejection letters later, I signed with super agent Sha Shana Crichton from Crichton and Associates Six weeks later I had a two book deal contract with Harlequin s African American Romance line, Kimani Press.Her Kind of Man, and Love T.K.O were both released in 08, and this year there arescintillating stories to come I ve written seven books now, but I feel like I m just getting started A huge thanks to all of you who attend my book signings, send me I love your book emails, leave messages on my Facebook page and who are recommending my books to other die hard romantics Sage Collins and Marshall Grant will heat things up in Games of the Heart August 2009 and a feisty PR Director and a fine, ex NFL running back rekindle the flames in Passion Overtime November 2009 Read an excerpt of my novels under the heading Books.If you enjoy a good romance story, rich with desire, scorching HOT love scenes and a few unexpected twists and turns along the way, you ve come to the right place Grab one of my books, recline in a comfy chair and enjoy the ride I guarantee you ll love the heroes and heroines featured in my stories They re strong but flawed men and women who are just looking for a little love and tenderness That s all for now, friends Happy Reading and be blessed

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