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D'Alessandro's Child - Buah Hati D'Alessandro Ketika Michael D Alessandro mengetahui tiga tahun lalu mantan istrinya melahirkan dan menyerahkan bayi mereka untuk diadopsi, ia melakukan berbagai cara untuk mencari anak lelakinya Michael menemukan putranya Jeremy di kota kecil Calder Jeremy ternyata aman dan benar benar dicintai ibu barunya, Camille Usahanya mendekati Jeremy malah mendekatkan Michael pada Camille Tapi Camille tidak tahu Jeremy adalah anak Michael Bagaimana Michael bisa mengatakan yang sebenarnya dan tetap mempertahankan anak dan wanita yang ia kagumi Sementara Camille pikir ayah kandung Jeremy adalah pria kurang ajar yang meninggalkan istrinya di jalanan saat sedang mengandung

About the Author: Catherine Spencer

In the past, Catherine Spencer has been an English teacher which was the springboard for her writing career Heathcliff, Rochester, Romeo and Rhett were all responsible for her love of brooding heroes Catherine has had the lucky honour of being a Romance Writers of America RITA finalist and has been a guest speaker at both international and local conferences and was the only Canadian chosen to appear on the television special, Harlequin goes Prime Time.

10 thoughts on “D'Alessandro's Child - Buah Hati D'Alessandro

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    The hero Michael has just discovered that his ex wife had not told him that she was pregnant when she left him, and then allowed his son to be adopted, illegally since he did not give his permission He tracks down the people who adopted his son, not knowing what to expect, and finds the heroine Camille a devoted single mother Even though his son has a loving home,

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    haduh jelek banget.co nya bener2 tipe yang pengen di jorokin ke han riverudah salah nuduhberpikiran jelek muludan bego nya ce nya terima aja lagice nya juga mesti di dorong barengan ke han riverstupid gak ada kekuatan sama sekalinerima aja perlakuan semena2 co nya.

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    Fairly decent novel I thought the hero was kind of a douchebag He just automatically assumed that he was going to see his son, lie and then basically blame everything on the heroine I wanted to punch him.

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    loved itthe story line was very good but the book was a bit too small for my tastebut was still awesome

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    How it can be a single mother on HQ always seems to be a damsel in distress Come on, grow up, dude

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    MembosankanCeritanya flatgag bakalan w sentuh lg nie novel.

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    Camille nya super nyebeliiiiiiin.

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