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Backstage The undisputed Queen of Hip Hop Fiction presents five knockout tales set in the fast paced, high stakes rap game written by a hot lineup of authors with unmistakable swag and a gift for dropping sexy, thrilling storiesFrom a big time hustler who can t give up the streets even when it might cost him his rap career to a fearless female emcee who goes both ways in the bedroom, these characters steam up the pages as they set out to make their mark, outsmart all the haters and hustlers looking to derail them, and rise to the top of the charts Backstage is a VIP pass to the glamorous, gritty music industry, a world Nikki Turner knows intimately as she introduces writers you ll want to read again and again

About the Author: Nikki Turner

After Nikki Turner read The Coldest Winter Ever by Sistah Souljah she was dismayed that there weren t other books like it I wanted to write the kinds of books I wanted to read, said the bestselling author, whose 2002 debut novel, A Hustler s Wife, would go on to sellthan a few 100,000 copies.While Nikki Turner s first two novels were published by a small publishing house in the Midwest, in 2004 she signed a 2 book deal with One World, an imprint of Ballantine Books, which is part of The Random House Publishing Group After publishing the first book under that deal, The Glamorous Life in 2005 as well as a short story collection edited by Nikki, Street Chronicles Tales from da Hood, One World quickly signed Nikki up for threeNikki Turner Original novels and negotiated a deal with her for her own book line, Nikki Turner Presents I want to give new authors the same kind of opportunity I was given, said Nikki I want to produce authors who will be household names Taken from author s website

10 thoughts on “Backstage

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    There are 5 authors telling one story each here, with Turner included Dana Dane and Styles P do the Intro and Outro, respectively Krista Johns is the first author and I liked her story, I m Good , a lot.The second is Turley with Chasing The Ring and this was also pretty go

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    I didn t like it all slow read I think I m growing out of the Milking Turner phase You be the judge

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    All the stories was good in this book,but my favorite was Gun Music of course by the Queen herself Nikki Turner

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    I m still waiting on a part 2 for this one

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    so far good on last chapter hope nikki coms through

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    This book literally had me ok the edge of my seat after short story This is the book you read if you really want something to keep you interested.

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    A star for each story that I enjoyed.

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    This book consists of 5 stories by various authors Each has the common thread of the music industry The last story was my least favorite Overall, it was a pretty good compilation

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