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The Adamantine Palace One man wants to rule the wealthy Empire He is ready to poison the king as he did his father, murder his lover and bed her daughter Is he fit to be king Unknown to him, a dragon is on the loose Returned to full intelligence and fury, it could wreak havoc Also, actions of an unscrupulous mercenary may loose hundreds of dragons

About the Author: Stephen Deas

Stephen Deas is an engineer in the aerospace industry, working on communications and imaging technology in the defence sector He is married with two children and lives near Writtle in Essex Also writes as Nathan Hawke and S.J Deas.

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    I ll keep this brief as I am waiting for a plane to take off A pretty good read really For easy to follow and the characters are fun for the most part It s like how to train your Dragon for adults.The main character is but if a self centred git, A princess who is a tomboy dragon loving tough girl who you just know is going to e

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    I loved this book I adored it.This is the kind of book that I m always searching for A book with awesome badass sentient dragons That s all I need in a book and this one definitely delivers.Thre is definitelypolitics in this novel than action scenes but that is not a bad thing There are very few likeable characters in this book but St

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    How can you love fantasy and not like dragons They re kind of like vampires everybody uses them, everybody who wants to make their mark on the genre tries to come up with a clever new way to use them, and usually they fail, so as a fantasy reader, you re inclined to roll your eyes at any book with a dragon on the cover And yet, dragons are s

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    The Adamantine Palace is the prize that one prince seeks and through all manner of realm craft, diabolical planning, love craft, cruelty, potions and poisons he schemes his way throughout the novel to seize his price Meanwhile, Snow, a dragon, which was to be a gift for the prince from Queen Shakiza was attacked by a party of dragonriders and escap

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    I have mixed feelings regarding this book While there are a lot of interesting concepts, and it s written well, I really didn t care about any of the characters The book isn t too long, yet it took me awhile to read it, as it really wasn t a page turner There are definitely interesting characters, but none of them are likable, even as villains There also

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    It s been many years since I last read a book featuring dragons because for some reason dragons just don t appeal to me now as much as they did when I was younger But after reading The Adamantine Palace I found myself wondering what I might have been missing out on over the years because this books was really fantastic The Adamantine Palace is one of those books

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    I can t tell if this is a compliment or criticism, so I ll just put it out here and let you decide I spent most of this book trying to cast different actors from Game of Thrones to play the characters in this book The similarities are just so glaring not that I m saying The Adamantine Palace is in any way derivative of A Song of Ice and Fire Its world and plot and char

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I expected to like this a lot and I was disappointed to find that I didn t I appreciate that redemption may yet come in subsequent books, but none of the characters redeem themselves even a little bit by the end of the first book The bad guy or perhaps the slightly worse guy, since there don t see

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    The Adamantine Palace by Stephen DeasPublished by Gollancz, March 2009 ARC copy received 350 pagesISBN 9780575083738Ah, Dragons Otherworldly, yet surprisingly comforting.So here we have a new book from a new writer that is pretty much about a medieval style world with dragons It s probably a little quirky in that the title of the book doesn t really reveal it is about dragons though

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    The Realms are a manipulative place Dragons are being manipulated through the form of potions to serve humans as glorified war horses Speakers are manipulated to pick their successor Sell swords are manipulated into embroiling themselves in wars that will easily cause their deaths The Realms are not a soft place to live, in this, the first of a trilogy written by Stephen Deas.Let s say thi

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