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Confessions of a Millionaire's Mistress Will their hot passion melt his frozen heart When Celeste Prince discovers her beloved family business has been sold to millionaire Benton Scott, she s determined to get it back But gorgeous Benton sets her pulse racing, and her carefully laid plans lead her to just one placehis bed Benton makes it clear right from the start that he can t offer than a steamy affair The passion is scorching but Ben s emotions are still in the deep freeze, and Celeste knows that only a dramatic collision course with his troubled past can thaw them

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    Le do el 27 08 2010

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    DNF All the males in this book are too sexist for me I stopped reading after the h H mowed the lawn on a riding lawn mower Together on one mower Really Cause that shows you can run a lawn care business DNF All the males in this book are too sexist for me I stopped reading after the h H mowed the lawn on a riding lawn mower Together on one mower R

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    Not bad.

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    his type of title just does my head in, because I go in with all these expectations that the only word likely to be true is millionaire and again, I m right Celeste, the story s heroine, doesn t even do me the courtesy of coming close to a bitterly dramatic scene where she calls herself a mistress, in a tones that let me know that she feels soiled and dispos

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    at first it was intriguing but then it s boring as hell I couldn t finish

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    I thought that this was an okay book I liked Celeste s character And an epilogue doesn t hurt and always makes an ending less abrupt.

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    ehhhhhh este libro no es malo solo que estoy en la epoca del a o en que no tengo tiempo plop

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    I registered a book at I registered a book at

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About the Author: Robyn Grady

Robyn received a book from her big sister and immediately fell in love with Cinderella Sprinklings of magic, deepest wishes come true she was hooked Picture books with glass slippers later gave way to romance novels When she was older, she wanted to write one.However, in junior high, Robyn hit a stumbling block a disheartening grade of one out of ten for a book review Confused and hurt, she asked her hundred and thirty year old English teacher why the low mark The wizened schoolmarm sniffed, You obviously had a senior do it for you Thankfully Robyn s business teacher was a honey.Following a fifteen year career behind the scenes in television, Robyn knew the time was right to pursue her dream of becoming a published author Late in 2004, she received a phone call from a London editor She d submitted a manuscript to the Sweet line, which were featuring lighter, sexier stories to be released under the Tango banner The editor was very interested in her story, but for a brand new line.Robyn didn t stop smiling for a week, but sometime later learned her revised manuscript hadn t hit the mark Then she received another call and another request for revisions to a second manuscript That didn t sell either On a third manuscript she received a very long, very detail email, asking for, what would turn out to be, a complete rewrite Having torn out most of her hair, but with 13 contest finals in 2006 including winning the Golden Pen and Where the Magic Begins , she finished the rewrite then contacted a New York agent That wonderful agent took her on, and Robyn sold in a matter of weeks, first to Silhouette Desire, then Modern Heat Sexy Sensation Presents with a two book deal She is currently writing manuscript number fourteen.Robyn lives with her own modern day hero on Australia s Sunshine Coast with their three little princesses, as well as two poodles and a cat called Tinkie She has majors in English literature and psychology, and loves new shoes, worn jeans, visits to the theatre and lunches at picturesque Moffat Beach with her writer friends.

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