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Enchanted Everglades: Friend for Life Twelveyearold OCEAN RIVER is a goofy kid He's never met a problem he couldn't solve with a joke or a silly dance When his best friend, ELLEN HANSEN, loses her father, life suddenly gets a lot serious, and Ocean's immature antics at the funeral threaten to ruin their friendship foreverJust a few miles away, in the swampy jungle of the Everglades, another young boy named GUMBO struggles with his born destiny This boy just happens to be an alligator, the heir to the great gator kingdom Not only is Gumbo reluctant to be a leader, but his father, the king, has ordered him to kill several pythons by the next day The problem is Gumbo's a pacifist And a vegan And, oh, deathly afraid of snakesGumbo and his best friends, BIX, a na�ve, cheerful softshelled turtle, and their guru, ASHA, a wise old wood stork who's teaching Gumbo yoga, reluctantly set off on their mission Meanwhile, the humans are on a mission of their own: a family vacation to the Everglades, Ellen's belated birthday gift, holds the hope of saving Ocean and Ellen's friendship When a tour boat crash leaves the kids lost and alone in the gatorinfested swamp, they receive animal superpowers from a legendary Seminole Indian ghost Now they can talk to animals, including Gumbo, and it seems like getting lost together was just what they neededExcept, of course, for the giant mutant python who has serious plans for dinnerand revengeIn this funny and heartwarming fantasy set in the fragile ecosystems of the Everglades, Ocean and Ellen and their new animal friends learn how to let go of the past and trust each other in the present, where forgiveness and empathyeven for killer pythonsmight just save the day

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