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Riding the Universe Chloe Rodriguez values three things above all else her family her best friend, Rock and Lolita, her Harley DavidsonSportster With a black body, blue airbrushed flames, and perfect sloping ape hangers, Lolita is Chloe s last connection to her beloved uncle, Seth, who left her the bike when he died last summer So when a failing chemistry grade threatens to separate Chloe from her motorcycle, she vows not to let that happen no matter what Enter Gordon Ridiculously organized, ubersmart, and hot in a casual, doesn t know it kind of way, Chloe s peer tutor may have a thing or two to teach her besides chemistry But she has to stop falling for Gordon and get Rock to act mature whenever he s around and pass chemistry so she doesn t lose Lolita forever Just when Chloe thinks she s got it all figured out, a bump in the road comes out of nowhere and sends her skidding

About the Author: Gaby Triana

GABY TRIANA is the author of the Haunted Florida series Island of Bones, River of Ghosts, City of Spells , YA novels Wake the Hollow, Cakespell, and Summer of Yesterday, as well as a contributing author in the upcoming New Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Anthology HarperCollins, 2020 Published with HarperCollins, Simon Schuster, and Entangled, Gaby has also ghostwritten 50 novels for bestselling authors, won an IRA Teen Choice Award, ALA Best Paperback, and Hispanic Magazine s Good Reads Awards She writes about ghosts, haunted places, and abandoned locations, and runs the boutique ghostwriting agency, Bookwitchery Gaby lives in Miami, FL with her family and a gaggle of four legged aliens.www.GabyTriana.com GabyTriana on Twitter and Instagram.

10 thoughts on “Riding the Universe

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    This story about a high school girl fighting to get her grades up so she doesn t lose her Harley is not just a story of teen angst and self discovery Ok, it is, but t

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    Warning Spoilers I really like this book and enjoyed reading it, but I thought it was B.S when, after being totally in love and caught up in each other, Gordon pretty much, t

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    Sorry guys It has been awhile since I reviewed a book Part of that reason is because I m a bit tired and I have other things to do Another part is this I haven t read a book, because

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    To be completely honest, when I read the back of the ARC, after getting this in the mail, and saw that motorcycles would be part it, I was worried I thought, Oh no, that is so not going to b

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    I quite enjoyed Riding the Universe My first book by Gaby Triana and I m liking her work so far.However, the only thing I have against Riding the Universe was the characters I have so many mixed fee

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    I started to read this book mainly cause description caught my attention, it was interesting a teen girl riding a Harley I have a thing for bikes And I like books with not so ordinary girls in them.I liked

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    Reviewed by Lauren Ashley for TeensReadToo.comRIDING THE UNIVERSE is definitely one of those great, summer reads It s intense like a hot summer s day, but with enough breezy lightness so as not to overwhelm the rea

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    Riding the Universe was fast and fun read There are some serious elements presented, so I wouldn t describe it as fluff, but it was just an easy read If that makes any sense at all The plot was engaging, but at the same ti

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    Riding the Universe was definitely a different kind of read for me One I ve never read a teen book in which the main character rides a Harley That s pretty kick ass right there And Two Starting a relationship with the geeky tutor

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    An unusual protagonist makes thisthan a typical teen romance the main character drives a Harley and starts every day racing her best friend and his 68 Mustang to school There may be stargazing, flirting, and a love triangle, but Chloe als

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