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Struggle Bus: The Van. The Myth. The Legend. The Struggle Bus The Van The Myth The Legend is designed to take you, dear reader, on a ride with the Wood family in the van that became an Internet sensationThis one of a kind literary adventure you are about to embark on is about than a viral van It s about managing the wonderful chaos of a family ofIt s about parenting It s about marriage It s about success It s about failure It s about faith It s about fun It s about a van becoming a metaphor for life as it is given a fun filled beatdown for the agesAs you roll along with the Wood family, you just might feel driven to connect a little with the God who made you give yourself a little grace when you fail smile and laugh a little both at the Wood family s expense and your ownHop in, buckle up, hold your nose, laugh, and join the Wood family to explore one of life s fundamental truths the struggle is real

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    I give this book 5 stars Full disclosure I wrote it My mom would totally give it 5 stars She said it was wonderful Since she s not on Goodreads, I feel moderately justified.

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    My favorite aspect of this book was the wit and humor Josh Wood used He took a book about a serious subject and made it wholly relatable and fun to read about Sometimes we need to take a step ba

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    What a perfect title for this book I love how much Josh Wood makes us laugh along the way This book does not feel preachy, it s a great outlook on many issues that arise in our daily lives while

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    I really enjoyed your story It could be in the comedy memoir genre Thank you for the book, note, and gift card I m going to pass this on to my friend to read while she is recuperating from a serio

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    The best thing about this book was the way Josh Wood approached the topics I think it was done with knowledge and understanding while also being self deprecating and relatable for the reader.The fa

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    I really loved the way Josh Wood put together this book It is consice and clear while being full of so much great information I loved the way that he made us laugh along the way It s a spiritual and

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    What a fun, encouraging, and helpful read As a homeschooling mom of six kids it was relatable and a perfectly refreshing read in the midst of my own chaos.

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    Such a great read If you like books that make you laugh out loud, encourage you as a parent, and motivate you to live a little bolder and adventurous this book is for you

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    Love this book It s full of humor and one liners The author pokes fun at himself while teaching valuable life lessons We like big bus and I cannot lie , priceless.

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    Funny, sweet and inspiring I had not read Josh Wood s Craiglist ad for his 15 passenger van previous to reading this book but it sure was funny Struggle Bus is a book that came out of that ad and is loo

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