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Boyfriend Material Wanted One Fake BoyfriendPractically Perfect In Every WayLuc O Donnell Is Tangentially And Reluctantly Famous His Rock Star Parents Split When He Was Young, And The Father He S Never Met Spent The Next Twenty Years Cruising In And Out Of Rehab Now That His Dad S Making A Comeback, Luc S Back In The Public Eye, And One Compromising Photo Is Enough To Ruin EverythingTo Clean Up His Image, Luc Has To Find A Nice, Normal Relationshipand Oliver Blackwood Is As Nice And Normal As They Come He S A Barrister, An Ethical Vegetarian, And He S Never Inspired A Moment Of Scandal In His Life In Other Words Perfect Boyfriend Material Unfortunately Apart From Being Gay, Single, And Really, Really In Need Of A Date For A Big Event, Luc And Oliver Have Nothing In Common So They Strike A Deal To Be Publicity Friendly Fake Boyfriends Until The Dust Has Settled Then They Can Go Their Separate Ways And Pretend It Never HappenedBut The Thing About Fake Dating Is That It Can Feel A Lot Like Real Dating And That S When You Get Used To Someone Start Falling For Them Don T Ever Want To Let Them Go

About the Author: Alexis Hall

Genrequeer writer of kissing books.

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    Boyfriend Material spoke to me I was truly not expecting to love it I ve had mixed experiences with Alexis Hall in the past, and I honestly didn t know he could be so funny This book is hilarious, especially if you like kind of snarky, British humor, and I found myself laughing out loud to myself in bed, shoulders positively shaking my husband did not appreciate this But that s how this book gets you Under the humor lies the feels.Th

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    rumor has it this is a queer romcom that features the fake dating trope, two grumps, and there was only one bed, Muslim sapphics, the Token Cishet trope, and lots of laughs can t wait to restore some semblance of joy to my life

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    I m so excited to get a copy to review folks are saying it s the next Red, White and Royal Blue Fingers crossed PS check out this week s BookTube Video to see why I m psyched about this one and the other fabulous books I picked up I m so excited to get a copy to review folks are saying it s the next Red, White and Royal Blue Fingers crossed PS check out this week s BookTube Video to see why I m psyched about this one and the other fabulous books I

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    Imagine a book like a Four Weddings era Richard Curtis movie and not , let me be clear, like the vomitous Love Actually , with the feelgood elements and the genuine romance and the terrific cast onlydiverse than Curtis is capable of , and real pain and emotion grounding the hilarious banter Sounds amazing Well, here you go.The joyfully queer British romcom escape book I desperately needed It s absurdly funny like proper laughing out loud and swoonily rom

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    First things first Thank you so much SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca and NetGalley for accepting my request and giving me permission to read and review this book And now that this is out of the way OMG OMG OMG ADFADKFASJFDKSADFJASJ I ve been dying to read this and I got approved YAY And now excuse me while I jump around in my flat and do an embarrassing happy dance lol I can t believe I got approved for this ARC T_T

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    THAT, my friends, is how to do a Rom Com mic drop I ve given this an A at AAR.Alexis Hall s Boyfriend Material is quite possibly the best romantic comedy I ve ever read Almost every page produced a smile, a grin, a snort or a full out belly laugh and I honestly can t remember the last time I read a book that produced full on giggling of the sort that made my family members give me funny looks.I love a good fake relationship story and this is a VERY good one The premis

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    It was just so fucking heart emoji that I actually had to take a momentPermission to squee for the rest of all time I know I have often referred to romcoms leaving me a pile of warm gooey goodness, but I can t help it if it s true.The year 2020 is one that will go in the history books as one where the world went topsy turvy My 2020 disasters bingo card basically became obsolete when China diagnosed the bubonic plague and there was a rabbit ebola outbreak in the US Clearly th

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    This was one of my most anticipated books of the year and while I know this year has gone mostly to shit, and expectations should be rightly tossed into the incinerator at this point, I didn t think I d have to add BOYFRIEND MATERIAL to the heap of 2020 disappointments Because this should be everything I could ever want queer, fake dating, Hall And it was those things But I was scraping near the bottom of the barrel to round up past average feelings of like for the first half and b

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    Alexis Hall has a unique way of using humor, and this book was no exception I loved the British slang, and how hilarious it was at times I was grinning and smiling my way through the book The writing was incredibly well done, with brilliant little gems of narrative, witty banter, and just wonderful character development It s a very romantic kind of story, although the overall storyline sounds predictable, the author puts his own spin to it and I adored the end result There was some drama,

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    What a superb story Fans of Alexis Hall know to expect something marvelous, but Boyfriend Material goes above and beyond The dry, silly, often heartfelt humor keeps this one moving at a fast pace, and I found it was over much too soon Hall writes incredibly interesting characters From Luc s zany group of friends, to his complex relationship with his folks and the same to be said about Oliver s people Bonus the whole thing comes from Luc s point of view, which just keep the light hearted i What a

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