Francis Bacon's Contribution to Shakespeare: A New

Francis Bacon's Contribution to Shakespeare: A New Attribution Method Francis Bacon s Contribution to Shakespeare advocates a paradigm shift away from a single author theory of the Shakespeare work towards a many hands theory Here, the middle ground is adopted between competing so called Stratfordian and alternative single author conspiracy theories In the process, arguments are advanced as to why Shakespeare s First Foliopresents as an unreliable document for attribution, and why contemporary opinion characterised Shakspere his baptised name as an opportunist businessman who acquired the work of others Current methods of authorship attribution are critiqued, and an entirely new Rare Collocation Profiling RCP method is introduced which, unlike current stylometric methods, is capable of detecting multiple contributors to a text Using the Early English Books Online database, rare phrases and collocations in a target text are identified together with the authors who used them This allows a DNA type profile to be constructed for the possible contributors to a text that also takes into account direction of influence The method brings powerful new evidence to bear on crucial questions such as the author of the Groats worth of Witteletter, the identifiable hands inHenry VI, the extent of Francis Bacon s contribution to Twelfth Night and The Tempest, and the scheduling of Love s Labour s Lost at the Gray s Inn Christmas revels for which Bacon wrote entertainments The treatise also provides detailed analyses of the nature of the complaint against Shakspere in the Groats worth letter, the identity of the players who performed The Comedy of Errors at Gray s Inn in , and the reasons why Shakspere could not have had access to Virginia colony information that appears in The Tempest With a Foreword by Sir Mark Rylance, this meticulously researched and penetrating study is a thought provoking read for the inquisitive student in Shakespeare Studies

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