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Kastanjemanden The heart pounding debut from the creator of the hit Scandinavian television show The KillingIf you find one, he s already found youA psychopath is terrorizing CopenhagenHis calling card is a chestnut man a handmade doll made of matchsticks and two chestnuts which he leaves at each bloody crime sceneExamining the dolls, forensics makes a shocking discovery a fingerprint belonging to a young girl, a government minister s daughter who had been kidnapped and murdered a year agoA tragic coincidence or something twisted To save innocent lives, a pair of detectives must put aside their differences to piece together the Chestnut Man s gruesome cluesBecause it s clear that the madman is on a mission that is far from overAnd no one is safe

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    I was sooooo ready to give five Danish, thrilling, chilling, darkest, mind numbing stars to this book as a die hard fan of Danish series Forbrydelsen American version is Killing but in my opinion Danish version beats the hell of US version because of the atmosphere, sensational, smart, darker crime thriller elements and far better casting performances I always prefer Sarah Lun

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    Omg I had to get this because I loved the show The Killing need to read those books LOOK AT THE STAINED EDGES it s signed and numbered This book was pretty awesome and freaky Happy Reading Mel Omg I had to get this because I loved the show The Killing need to read those books LOOK AT THE STAINED EDGES it s signed and numbered This book was pretty awesome and freaky Happy Readin

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    A grizzly debut that will NOT having you dreaming of chestnuts roasting on an open fire anytime soon I d rather have Jack frost nipping at my nose instead thank you very much This debut novel details a police investigation into the murders of mothers who have had various allegations of neglect and abuse filed against them The murders are violent and gruesome He likes to take a h

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    3.5 starsA promising start, but a ways to go The Chestnut Man is a psychological thriller about a serial killer out for revengeLittle chestnut men are discovered at the crime scenes of gruesome murders A 12 year old girl who has been missing for a year, and presumed dead, has a link to the little dolls Two detectives are brought in to find The Chestnut Man, a serial killer who h

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    Soren Sveistrup is the man behind the runaway successful Danish TV series, The Killing, he has now turned his attention to writing his first Scandi Noir novel set in Copenhagen The Chestnut Man carries trademark elements of The Killing, it is part police procedural, part psychological thriller, incorporating politicians whilst giving us social realism in its portrayals and insight

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    As the leaves fall, He s coming for youThe Chestnut Man by S ren Sveistrup is a dark gritty thriller and an excellent debut from the creator of the hit television show The Killing With a brilliant storyline, tense atmosphere and some great characters, this is one of the best crime novels I have read in a long time Set in Denmark, a psychotic serial killer is terrorizing Copenhagen

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    Whoathis book was so dark, brutal, goryfantasticI have been wanting to get ahold of this book for a loooong time I finally got lucky enough to get a copy I must admit I was a bit intimidated when I discovered it was over 500 pages and that it was a police procedural Trust me, none of that matters The chapters were short and I flew through them I found the tension building as I raced

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    Serial killer fiction is one of my favorite subgenres, despite the fact that very few of these books reach a level of exceptional storytelling But when it s done right, there s no better read for me.Unfortunately, The Chestnut Man isn t done right.I often feel as if there is some outline for writers of the genre entitled How to Write the Typical Clich Serial Killer Novel of which the

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    5 Heart Pounding Stars You ll never see think of chestnuts roasting on an open fire the same way again It takes a lot for thrillers to impress me, evenfor them to stump me The Chestnut Man did both and is hands down my fave thriller read this year Combining a gripping storyline with great characters and the kind of intense atmosphere that will have you ferociously turning pages this w

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    In The Chestnut Man, a serial killer is on the loose in Copenhagen In addition to his brutally mutilated victims, the killer leaves behind his calling card of little figurines made of chestnuts and matchsticks Evenbaffling, a clue from each scene seems to point to another unrelated and already solved crime The police quickly realize they must stop the killer before he claims anyvictims

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