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How We Met Stand up comedian Michele A Court rekindles the passion, with a brilliant collection of How We Met stories How We Met is based on a collection of How We Met stories those lovely stories couples love to tell and we all love to hear about how they got together The author s theory that these stories of how couples meet the romantic, absurd, serendipitous, convoluted, scandalous, breath taking moments of connection help to weave their lives together Partly as proof that they were meant to begin this couple journey, and also because in each retelling they go back to those first falling in love feelings and rekindle the passion.The theory is based on a hunch, which itself is based on nothing than the author s observations of watching couples as they talk Michele then tests her thesis out on a neuroscientist and a psychologist, and by the end of the book, has some useful things to say not only about how great love starts,but how it stays great.

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