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Healing Waters When life seems to conspire against you, how do you find the courage to dive into Healing Waters When Lucia Coffey looks at her reflection, she sees fat and failure When she looks at her sister Sonia, she sees svelte and success When she looks at God, she sees that divine love can t possibly be doled out equally All her life, Lucia has coped by throwing herself into taking care of those who seem worthy of God s goods, and feeding the dreams she has buried aliveBut when tragedy strikes Lucia s family, she meets Sullivan Crisp a decidedly offbeat psychologist who is trying to cope with his own shattered past They form an alliance to try to hold her family together and, in the process, both tentatively dip their toes into the waters of healing Step by faltering step they wade in, forging an unlikely community and digging deep for the courage to face a lurking danger that could pull them under or remind them what it s like to dance on the waves

About the Author: Nancy N. Rue

Nancy Rue is the author of over 100 books for adults and teens, including the Christy Award winning The Reluctant Prophet, Unexpected Dismounts and Healing Waters with Steve Arterburn , which was the 2009 Women of Faith Novel of the Year She travels extensively at times on the back of a Harley speaking to and teaching groups of women of all ages Nancy lives on a lake in Tennessee with her Harley ridin husband, Jim, and their two yellow Labs without whom writing would be difficult.

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    Finished this one last night This these so far are good reads They do a good job of dealing with lives in general and opening Christian insights specifically I ll get a littlepersonal here than I did in my review of the first book Many of you who are my friends here know that I m a widower and the my wife passed a few years ago She struggled with ill health all he life and in the last few years had a lot of pain and progressive debilitation She was bed fast for almost the last two Finish

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    I didn t like it quite as much as Healing Stones, but it was enjoyable nonetheless The characters were intriguing, and the story line was thought provoking I enjoyed going through the healing process spiritually and emotionally with Lucia, the main character.

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    I listened to this as an audiobook It seemed a little slow getting into the story, but by the end I was having trouble waiting until the next installment I listen during my commute As a person who has struggled with weight all my life, I was instantly sympathetic to Lucia Coffey, the main character She has been blessed with a younger sister who is everything she believes she is not beautiful, slender, successful, popular Sister Sonia heads up her own Christian ministry, and even has Lucia I listened t

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    Nancy Rue s engaging prose, realistic dialogue and storytelling acumen, combined with Stephen Arterburn s knowledge of psychology and experience as a counselor, make for fiction which is difficult to put down.

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    I want to preface my review by saying that I listened to the audio version of this book I almost stopped the book after the first two chapters because I didn t like the female protagonist at all She is such a complainer and I saw nothing redeeming in her personality But, as I tend to do, I gave the book another chapter and then another, hoping for an upturn The last half of the book saw changes to that character which kept me plugging away The 3 stars is simply because the final chapters of I want to preface my rev

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    I really liked this book I liked the 1st book in the series a little bit better, but this one was still good too It was a surprise toward the end when I found out who blew up the plane Wasn t expecting that.

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    There s a boatload of hurt and pain in this book but also much healing, as the title suggests I loved this book It s quite different from most of the Christian fiction I ve read I didn t find it to be preachy, which I liked It s a book I think lots of us can relate to in one way or other.

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    Wow This is the first book to bring tears to my eyes in a year This book was not at all what I was expecting, but exactly what I needed.

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    I love this 3 book series It is one of my go to books when I am not sure what to read next.

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    Real stories about life and God

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