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The Choices We Make Na vele mislukte behandelingen weet Hannah dat de kans dat ze een kind zal krijgen heel klein is Voor haar ondraaglijk, want al jaren is dat haar grootste droom.Kate, moeder van twee dochters, ziet hoe Hannah onder de situatie lijdt en besluit haar beste vriendin te helpen door draagmoeder voor haar te worden Een keuze die verregaande gevolgen heeftEen warme ode aan de kracht van familie en vriendschap. Karma Brown has written another very powerful novel I imagine that it is a challenge for an author to write a second novel when their debut was a runaway success Karma Brown rose to the challenge and wrote another outstanding book.I read this book in one sitting, 6 hours straight What does that tell you This is a book about relationships between friends, spouses, children, siblings and parents Each character and relationship in the book are so well drawn that you feel every emotion with the characters.You will be on the edge of your seat in this book and you will cry and laugh.I wish there were than 5 stars to award it.I received a digital review copy of this book for an honest opinion I honestly think it is perfect. Before you even sit down and read the first page, do yourself a favor and grab a box of tissues Trust me, you re going to need it From the author s earnest opening note to the final few words, this is an incredibly sad journey One that left me tear stained and emotionally wrecked What if having a baby was the only thing that you ve wanted for the last 6 years What if your only hope of having that baby rested in your best friend using one of her eggs and her uterus Would you still go through with it It sound so easy, right She has the baby, hands it over and everyone is blissfully happy All is right in the world But wait, there s so much to it than that So many things that you might not even contemplate initially And believe me, this book will make you ponder those things The most powerful part of the story for me was Kate and Hannah s friendship Twenty five years in the making, these two have been friends since the 5th grade Can you imagine For Kate it s almost a no brainer to do this selfless thing, she just wants to see Hannah happy.There s no doubt, Hannah let her desire for a baby cloud her judgement She was totally irrational, selfish and sometimes even a bit harsh There were times I honestly couldn t stand her I wanted to high five Ben every time he tried to talk some sense in to her, but then I realized, it s easy to sit back and say I would see things clearly than Hannah, but would I really Constantly having to stare your husband s disappointment in the face or feeling like your own body is somehow failing you, sounds like emotional torture.There were a few times Hannah s actions made me question if she really did love Kate as much as she claimed to though view spoiler I know she never imagined she would have to give up one person she loved for another, but it felt like she let go of Kate way too easily Some of her comments to Dan really messed with my head, too She seemed fine going on without Kate day to day and it just didn t make sense to me They spent so much time together before, I would have thought she would act , I don t know devastated Wouldn t she be grieving in spite of the baby I didn t ever feel that significant loss from her And Dan apologizing no way It should have been the other way around hide spoiler The Choices We Make is my first book by Karma Brown and as I was warned by my Goodreads friends it was a sad and an emotional read that I was prepared for Even though I didn t need a box of Kleenex as I was reading I did find it sad and instead of my normal cup of tea I finished reading this one with a glass of wine The story is told through Hannah and Kate s perspective who have been friends since 5th grade and have been there for each other ever since Hannah is unable to have children and when she and her husband have exhausted their options, Kate offers a selflessness option The story not only explores relationships between friends but also between husband and wife, mother and child under distressing circumstances I found the characters were not always likeable and at times I was angry at them and sad by the things they said and did I found it to be believable and it reminded me that we don t always behave our best when our loved ones are at risk The story also explores grief and we see how grief can affect the choices we make I loved all the relationships and I felt for all the characters in this unforgettable story making this an emotional read for me with a satisfying ending All of Norma s my reviews can be found on our Sister Blog Update I was finally able to finish this absolutely heartbreaking novel THE CHOICES WE MAKE by KARMA BROWN was recommended to me by a few of my close Goodreads friends after finishing IN THIS MOMENT and I was warned to have a box of Kleenex handy as it was going to be a sad and emotional read Well I needed that box of Kleenex I can usually hold back my emotions fairly well while reading a book but I wasn t able to control my tears with this one I was just hoping hubby wouldn t wake up and ask me why I was crying This was such a good book THE CHOICES WE MAKE by KARMA BROWN is an unforgettable and powerful story about love, friendship, loss, motherhood, and how grief can ultimately affect the choices we make.KARMA BROWN delivers a touching and heart wrenching story here that is told through Hannah and Kate s perspective who have been best friends since fifth grade and have been there for each other ever since Hannah is unable to get pregnant and when she and her husband have lost all hope, Kate offers them an alternative option.I really liked all the characters and their relationships and I really felt like I was feeling their pain, hopelessness, grief, and their excitement, happiness, and gratefulness I also found it to be an honest and believable portrayal of how one might react or behave if put in a similar situation, that of Hannah s and or Kate s.To sum it all up it was an emotional, steady paced, and a quick read with a satisfying ending Would recommend Earlier comments DNF.because I got bumped on Overdrive before I could I am so bummed I did not finish this book before I was locked out of reading it late last night on Overdrive I guess I shouldn t have waited for the last day to read this Now I have to wait until the book comes available to me again

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