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The Penguin Atlas of Women in the World The most up to date global perspective on how women are living today across continents and cultures In this completely revised and updated fourth edition of her groundbreaking atlas, Joni Seager provides comprehensive and accessible analysis of up to the minute global data on the key issues facing women today equality, motherhood, feminism, the culture of beauty, women at work, women in the global economy, changing households, domestic violence, lesbian rights, women in government, and The result is an invaluable resource on the status of women around the world today

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    This literally gave me all the feels It s stunning, beautiful, informative, entertaining, smart, sad, frightening and downright scary all at once Basically, this book contains lots of wonderfully illustrat

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    I loved this book because it taught me SO much that I didn t know I have been very into the idea of gender equality my whole life, but I never knew how bad it was in some places This encouraged me to stand up f

  3. says: The data was presented beautifully and it s nice to see data just on women s issues I feel like I have a better understanding of things that affect gender equity worldwide I especially enjoyed the

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    The information supplied along with the maps are remarkable The reader will instantly be able to see how women rate globally on issues that confront all females The topics reach the gamut health, domestic violence, work,

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    This book was absolutely phenomenal, such a good follow up from its predecessor I loved the fact that new sections were added because that tells me that Joni Seager listens to her critics I personally thought this book was ab

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    There are so many thing going on w this book it makes you want to scream Literally scream I was very moved by all the different components of this book how the stats are laid out You can t help but be mortified by the things that

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    I enjoyed this it was incredibly interesting to look at the huge number of areas where men and women differ, but I felt that a lot was missing due to it being solidly about statistics Some parts were explained which was useful, but ove

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    The Women s Atlas by Joni Seager is a collection of charts and maps depicting statistics about women from health to government involvement, work to education and so much ..It was so fascinating to learnabout women around the world It was ob

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    There are some interesting facts in here, and I think the book does a great job at showing the different realities and facts for women around the world, but it is definitely not complete, nor does it offer anythingthan that Also, numbers are not

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    This book explores the differences between women and men throughout the entire world It investigates sections over Health, Property, Education and many other topics Not only do they compare and contrast women and men, they are compare socioeconomic s

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