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Scala High Performance Programming Key Features Get the first book to explore Scala performance techniques in depth Real world inspired use cases illustrate and support the techniques studied and the language features This book is written by Vincent Theron and Michael Diamant, software engineers with several years of experience in the high frequency trading and programmatic advertising industries Book Description Scala is a statically and strongly typed language that blends functional and object oriented paradigms It has experienced growing popularity as an appealing and pragmatic choice to write production ready software in the functional paradigm Scala and the functional programming paradigm enable you to solve problems with less code and lower maintenance costs than the alternatives However, these gains can come at the cost of performance if you are not carefulScala High Performance Programming arms you with the knowledge you need to create performant Scala applications Starting with the basics of understanding how to define performance, we explore Scala s language features and functional programming techniques while keeping a close eye on performance throughout all the topicsWe introduce you as the newest software engineer at a fictitious financial trading company, named MV Trading As you learn new techniques and approaches to reduce latency and improve throughput, you ll apply them to MV Trading s business problems By the end of the book, you will be well prepared to write production ready, performant Scala software using the functional paradigm to solve real world problems What you will learn Analyze the performance of JVM applications by developing JMH benchmarks and profiling with Flight Recorder Discover use cases and performance tradeoffs of Scala language features, and eager and lazy collections Explore event sourcing to improve performance while working with stream processing pipelines Dive into asynchronous programming to extract performance on multicore systems using Scala Future and Scalaz Task Design distributed systems with conflict free replicated data types CRDTs to take advantage of eventual consistency without synchronization Understand the impact of queues on system performance and apply the Free monad to build systems robust to high levels of throughput About the Author Vincent Theron is a professional software engineer withyears of experience He discovered Scalayears ago and uses it to build highly scalable and reliable applications He designs software to solve business problems in various industries, including online gambling, financial trading, and, most recently, advertising He earned a master s degree in computer science and engineering from Universite Paris Est Marne la Vallee Vincent lives in the Boston area with his wife, his son, and two furry catsMichael Diamant is a professional software engineer and functional programming enthusiast He began his career infocused on Java and the object oriented programming paradigm After learning about Scala in , he has focused on using Scala and the functional programming paradigm to build software systems in the financial trading and advertising domains Michael is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and lives in the Boston area Table of Contents The Road to Performance Measuring Performance on the JVM Unleashing Scala Performance Exploring the Collection API Lazy Collections and Event Sourcing

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    This book contains a lot of great information for Scala programmers, but it s kind of buried in a frustrating reading experience.A lot of what you ll learn in this book is that many of the ways you use Scala normally are slow, I particularly enjoyed learning how Option, something I take completely for granted but has the potential to hurt p

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    I can only say that this book exceeded my expectations While it does not provide fundamentally new ideas it approaches the topic very systematically and you can tell that the authors have earned their scars by tuning real systems.This book puts you into the shoes of a developer that just arrived at her new job.The first day demands the first perf

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    I found this very useful, interesting It summarizes very well the usual problems I was already familiar regarding Scala performance and he suggests viable alternatives, solutions.I have to admit the beginning was a bit slow for me, the second half of the book isenjoyable though I was reading that part with less interruptions It worth checking the last

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    A mixture of great performance tips Collections library, Option, Views, Future etc wrapped into not so great narrative I recommend to extensively read some of the chapters, while some others could easily be skimmed.

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