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Brighid's Quest In this follow up to Elphame s Choice, Brighid flees her centaur clan s rigid traditions and prejudice to find peace and acceptance among the humans of Clan MacCallan When her family summons her home, Brighid must make a fateful decision

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    I was predetermined to not actually like this book However, as you all know I am a fan of P.C Cast and thought it was only fair to give this beautifully written story a try The last month I would walk past this book in bookstores and would pick it up and read the back and put it back down Finally I gave in and read it, and thankfully I did because I pleasantly surprised how t

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    I loved Brighid s Quest but I didnt think it was as good as the other Partholon books I don t know it just felt like there was something missing and I didnt feel the same attachment to the charactors as I did when reading Elphame s choice Also once again as I mentioned when reviewing Elphame s Choice I can t help but notice that it seems too adult for the age group its in As a

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    Again I have to share my praise for P.C Cast This book was fabulous It had a different focus than some of her books, it went from pain, death and suffering to love, life and happiness It shows you the experience and trials a person who has lost a loved one may go through I was crying for a large portion of the book It is deffinately a difficult thing to be able to express throu

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    see our Goddess of Partholon interview with PC Cast here This book just made me want to bang my head on the nearest wall hard.This book picks up shortly after where Elphame s Choice ends This book however is all about Brighid and her quest, or I should say quests She has several spiritual, emotional and physical Being the eldest daughter of the Shaman for the Dhianna centaurs, B

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    There s something immensely satisfying about a light fantasy read a read that entertains and delights in a simple and straightforward manner Too much of the fantasy that I ve read of late has strayed toward the dark side Some of them seem to be competing for awards of goriest death or most revolting torture or bleakest outlook on life After too many course of that type of fantasy

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    This is a coming of age book and has a lot of things woven together After seeing Elphame s concern for her brother who has gone to bring back the New Formaorians to Clan McCallan Brighid decides to put her clan s chief s heart at peace and takes up the journey to find Cu and aid him in bringing the New Formorians back But what Brighid does not expect is her struggle with her own p

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    You re probably asking why some as diligent at reviewing books that I have read appears to have skipped over a book in a series without giving it a review The answer is because whilst I did give Elphame s Choice a five star rating, I didn t feel I could give it an honest review without having finished Brighid s Quest I regard the two merely as two halves of one book, despite the sw

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    P.C Cast continues her tales of Parthalon in this follow up to Elphame s Choice and I love her all thefor it Brighid s story is full of great supporting characters that revealsides to Brighid While the love connection is fairly obvious from the beginning as it developed I found that it hadto it Cu s grief just makes himsexy The banter between him and Brighid is fun to read and lends

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    Of all Cast s books I think this has been the least powerful and most predictable I m betting Cast knew it too as she wrote it.If you haven t read the rest of the series, you should, and you should read this too just to see things tied up but don t pick it up if you have no background.The mating in this book seemsforced, we re forced the whole way to accept the divine proposition and

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    I am a huge fan of P.C Cast, her goddess summoning books have to be some of my absolute favorites.As much as i enjoyed this book i felt that something was missing The story was interesting enough and kept me reading but Cu and Brighid s relationship felt rushed and not as well developed as it should have been There wasn t much bonding time, Cu didn t have time to woo her it just sort

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