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Seeking the Heart of God: Reflections on Prayer In Seeking the Heart of God, two of the most renowned and inspirational spiritual leaders Mother Teresa and Brother Roger combine their wisdom and experience to offer a practical, joyful celebration of the power of prayerPrayer, though central to all denominations, remains mysterious to many Here, the distinct yet complementary voices of Mother Teresa and Brother Roger honor prayer as the wellspring of love and compassion and illuminate it as an integral part of everday life In reality, there is only one true prayer, only one substantial prayer Christ himself, writes Mother Teresa There is only one voice of Christ Prayer is oneness with Christ Mother Teresa and Brother Roger first met inin Taize, France Several months later, in Calcutta, they collaborated on what became the first of several joint appeals for Christian reconciliation Their mutual agenda is clear a passionate commitment to the alleviation of human suffering and the use of prayer as a source of comfort, strength and communion with GodIn their work and travels, both Mother Teresa and Brother Roger perceived a great hunger for guidance in prayer The result is this inspirational text of short commentaries on how to use prayer in daily life Comprised ofchapters, each written half by Brother Roger, Seeking the Heart of Godnbsp is their wise and lyrical offering to those whose hunger is that of the spirit

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    Lovely little reflections, quick and beautiful read

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    This is a great contemplative and meditative book out of the man years of experience that Mother Teresa, and Brother Roger have had in their own communities, and others similar to it in the world Their heart for God, and people comes out in every word, as they seek to live out His Light in this dark world It took me 3 months to complete it,

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    This little book gives you a glimpse into why the Missionaries of Charity and Taize have been such authentic and powerful expressions of the Christian spiritthe prayer life of their founders

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    See my review here See my review here

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    simple..but notbite sized meditations that serve as catalysts to an awareness of the most important work and relationship.

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