When Mary Met the Colonel: A Pride and Prejudice Novella

When Mary Met the Colonel: A Pride and Prejudice Novella Without the beauty and wit of the older Bennet sisters or the liveliness of the younger, Mary is the Bennet sister most often overlooked She has resigned herself to a life of loneliness, alleviated only by music and the occasional book of military historyColonel Fitzwilliam finds himself envying his friends who are marrying wonderful women while he only attracts empty headed flirts He longs for a caring, well informed woman who will see the man beneath the uniformA chance meeting in Longbourn s garden during Darcy and Elizabeth s wedding breakfast kindles an attraction between Mary and the Colonel However, the Colonel cannot act on these feelings since he must wed an heiress He returns to war, although Mary finds she cannot easily forget himIs happily ever after possible after Mary meets the Colonel This edition includes an excerpt from Victoria Kincaid s Mr Darcy to the Rescue

About the Author: Victoria Kincaid

Victoria has a Ph.D in English literature and has taught composition to unwilling college students Today she teaches business writing to willing office professionals and tries to give voice to the demanding cast of characters in her head She lives in Virginia with an overly affectionate cat, two children who are learning how much fun Austen s characters can be, and a husband who fortunately is not jealous of Mr Darcy A lifelong Austen fan, Victoria has readJane Austen variations and sequels than she can count and confesses to an extreme partiality for the Colin Firth miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice.Visit her at www victoriakincaid com

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    This is an absolutely lovely sequel to Pride and Prejudice centering on the characters of Mary Bennet and Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam The writing is excellent, as I ve come to expect from Ms Kincaid The novella length story is sweet and believable It is, above all, a study of two people who are not exactly as they appear.We

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    I love a good Mary Bennet romance There are several points in which I can sympathize with MaryI too am a middle child, though am sandwiched between two brothers growing up I was the quiet, shy one, the one that was always over looked and the one girl in a group of girls who doesn t have a guy fawning over her So when a book comes al

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    Misunderstood becomes understood This is a short novella that can be read in one sitting, or two if you have to eat or sleep It is the story of how Mary, the middle misunderstood Bennet daughter, has an interesting and delightful encounter with Colonel Fitzwilliam at the wedding of her two sisters Mary has a unique placement in her family of

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    In the end of Pride and Prejudice Col Fitzwilliam is just about the last single man in search of a wife So, naturally there are lots of adaptions matching him to this girl or that But this is the first one I ve read matching him with Mary Of course since she is the bookish sister I always thought she deserved a great love story so I was glad to read

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    WHEN MARY MET THE COLONEL The story starts at the wedding breakfast of Darcy and Elizabeth As the title suggests, it s centred around and after the first meeting of Mary Bennet and Colonel Fitzwilliam This is a funny and tender story about the relationship between the eponymous hero and heroine The way Victoria Kincaid describes the Colonel s reaction to Kitt

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    I was thrilled to win a copy of this delightful, sweet novella written by an author I have been meaning to try for some time It is always a source of enjoyment when I come across a Pride Prejudice sequel that tells the story of some of my favorite secondary characters Bonus when I get two The story develops quickly because it s novella length, but its not hard to imag

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    The third Bennet sister is not as lively nor beautiful as the others Nobody really pays attention to what she says or does, but one man will treat her differently and will show her what falling in love really means Join Mary in this emotional journey towards love, beautifully penned by Victoria Kincaid.Absolutely delightful I had never read a story about Mary Bennet and I am g

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    Mary Met the Colonel is the perfect novella to read between some Darcy and Elizabeth centered books It is romantic, interesting and loving The characters are different from the ones we are used to of course, but their love doesn t pale in comparison, it is as strong as the one we usually see in Darcy and Elizabeth.Victoria Kincaid created the perfect love story for Mary Bennett and sho

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    This review was first posted on Babblings of a Bookworm years ago, when I first read Pride Prejudice I really identified with Elizabeth Although she isoutgoing than me, I felt a kinship with her due to her sense of humour and philosophical attitude, as well as her hasty temper, but like many introverted bookworm types, I also have some level of kinship with Mary She is definitely an interestin

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    I like Mary Bennett stories and Col Fitzwilliam stories as well so this was a winner from the start I liked the book but as usual with a short book, it left me wantingI don t mind waiting the extra time it takes to flush out a good story to its full potential It is worth doing Good read but disappointing, too Could have been great.

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