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Monkey Town: The Summer of the Scopes Trial The author of Sizzle Splat takes readers back in time toto the famous Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tennessee This novel unfolds from the point of view of ayear old girl, a student of John Scopes

About the Author: Ronald Kidd

Ronald Kidd is the author of thirteen novels for young readers, including the highly acclaimed Night on Fire and Monkey Town The Summer of the Scopes Trial His novels of adventure, comedy, mystery, and American history have received the Children s Choice Award, an Edgar Award nomination, and honors from the American Library Association, the International Reading Association, the Library of Congress, and the New York Public Library He is a two time O Neill playwright who lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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    I liked it, but this is absolutelycoming of age story than a great depiction of the trial it IS YA, so the trial is the backdrop for the last childhood summer of Fran If you re looking for a good examination of the actual TRIAL, please read the wonderful play, Inherit the Wind instead This is a good introduction to the idea of Creationism.vs Evolution, though, and I can see myself u

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    Dayton is a sleepy little town nestled in the mountains of Tennessee It is long across and about two miles wide Despite being the home of Bryan College, a school with over 800 students from around the world, it clings persistently to its small town feel The local librarians know the gossip on almost everyone and a trip to Wal Mart inevitably becomes a socializing experience The big cities of

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    The book Monkey Town by Ronald Kidd portrays an all American, Christian town that goes through a giant change The book follows a girl named Frances Robinson living in the small town of Dayton, Tennessee Frances has always lived by the rules of the church and the beliefs of her father, but when a large, attention hogging, publicity filled trial sweeps through town, everything that she has ever known i

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    Brings up the question of Creation vs Evolution but the book doesn t take a stand either way The ending is very anti climatic.

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    The CharactersIn the book Monkey Town, we get to see many different characters from many different backgrounds There are some like Francis, that are just teens and then there are some like Henry Louis, who are just old and grumpy My favorite character would have to be Francis, who can be very funny sometimes without realizing it This is shown at the start of the book when she is comparing herself with Johnny, Mama, I

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    The Characters The way this book brings in the characters is great We meet the family of the main character right away and get to know who they are and what they do We meet other characters pretty quickly, too The way the author brings in these characters throughout the book shows us how the main character thinks, like at the beginning of the book the author wrote His name was John Thomas Scopes, and I thought he was the hands

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    The characters that I liked in Monkey Town were Francis Robinson, Johnny Scopes, and Edmond Duffy Ed I did not like Mr Robinson He was a liar He always made things seem better than they were He also roped an innocent man into doing something that would hurt Johnny He only cared about items that would bring him publicity He was interested in selling the most soda and collecting the most money He never cared about who he hurt or what he

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    The main characters in Monkey Town are Frances Robinson, Mr Robinson, Johnny Scopes, and H.L Mencken There are other characters in the book but they aren t mentioned very often sometimes only once I liked Frances the most She cared about everyone even those she didn t like I liked H.L Mencken by the end of the book I didn t know you liked music, I said I don t like it I live it If it wasn t for music, I would have killed myself long ago Kidd 19

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    This YA book is excellent, although perhaps not quite as good for adult readers as the play Inherit the Wind, which also is a fictionalized account of the 1925 Scopes monkey trial, in Tennessee, where William Jennings Bryan really did defend the literal interpretation of the Bible, Clarence Darrow defended science and John Scopes for teaching evolution, in violation of state law , in the trial of that century, and HL Mencken s newspaper articles eviscer

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    Easy read and entertaining historical fiction The only think that felt off is the 15 year old girl who is main character She could have hadof a depth to her personality Maybe because a man author wrote the book

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