Girl Got Game, Vol. 4 MOBI á Game, Vol. PDF/EPUB

Girl Got Game, Vol. 4 Manga This volume was great Eniwa and Kyo s relationship is real fun to read about and this volume introduces another great new character who stirs things up a bit This volumes bonus story Till Teardrops Dry was also pretty good This volume also contains a 2nd Girl Got Game Meeting that is very entertaining This was a very enjoyable volume in the Girl Got Game series. Tension mounts in this one, as Kyo must briefly live in a box after being kicked out of the dorms by Chiharu, Chiharu then has to learn how to live with a girl and keep Kyo s secret from everyone else, and a new boy on the basketball team complicates things. This manga is a gender bender I give it one star for that I read the rest of the series on I just own the second book So I give it onestars for the story Though I didn t like how the story was played out.

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