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Printer in Petticoats This town s not big enough for both of us Self proclaimed spinster Jessamine Lassiter is striving to keep Smoke River s newspaper afloat when Cole Sanders rides into town to start up a rival paper Emotions run high as Cole s constant, infuriating presence causes sparks to fly both in and out of the office But does he truly desire Jess, or is he just waiting to put her out of business Whatever it is he wants, she s prepared to fight him all the way

About the Author: Lynna Banning

I was born in Oregon and raised in northern California While growing up I listened to my grandparents and my mother s stories about life on the ranch they owned in Douglas County, some miles east of Roseburg.Later after I retired from work as a professional editor for an aerospace firm I began writing fiction based on these stories my first book was Western Rose, which is based on the unusual courtship of my grandparents A medieval studies major in college, I have also written two medieval novels, one about a Crusader knight and a girl raised in a harem who end up at the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine when she was Queen of England The second novel is about a Templar knight who falls in love with a young woman troubadour but of course because of his vows of chastity, he cannot marry.I hope you will enjoy my books I always like hearing from readers, so feel free to email me carolynw and also see my website

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    Very good book Jess runs the local newspaper since the death of her brother She is determined to make a success of it, but is struggling a bit Then Cole comes to town, bringing his own printing press and plan to start his own paper Furious, and worried about the survival of her paper, sparks fly as soon as she confronts Cole.I like

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    When the reader learns that Jessamine Lassiter s older brother was killed by an irate newspaper subscriber, the life of a newspaper editor reporter suddenly doesn t seem so easy How does Jess plan to stay safe Jess comes from a long line of newspaper men and, upon her brother s death, she followed the Lassiter line She is juggling the jobs

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    Banning s warm, engaging Smoke River series continues to thrive and grow, especially when a competitive newspaper arrives and sets sparks flying between the editors on and off their editorial pages Familiar characters and the town s favorite haunts all lend support as the at odds editors find a way toward harmony RT Book Reviews.

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    Jessamine Lassiter runs a newspaper in the small town of Smoke River Then Cole Sanders rides into town to set up a rival newspaper, can they both get over their issues to find space for each other.They work well as a team.

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    I loved this story, was hooked in the first couple of chapters Such a great story Can t wait for a return to Smoke River.

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