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Seek and Find KILLER HEADLINE Reporter Madison Coles wants to write an expos on the crime spree rocking Desert Valley, Arizona but the small town s residents and police are tight lipped Even when Madison herself is attacked, the only help she can get is protection from rookie Kofficer James Harrison and his trusty bloodhound Suspicious of the reporter s motives, the handsome cop keeps her at arm s length But the Madison s life is threatened, the focused she is on finding the truth and the closer she gets to James Can he help her find the story without them both ending up in the obituary pages Rookie KUnit These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners

About the Author: Dana Mentink

Dana Mentink enjoys writing in many different capacities She currently writes for Harlequin s Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin Heartwarming and Harvest House Publishers.Dana is the recipient of a Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Award, two ACFW Carol Awards as well as a Holt Medallion Dana loves feedback from her readers Contact her via her website at

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    Oh my goodness, this is such a fun book I love Dana Mentink s sense of humor and it was out in full force in Seek and Find And it can basically be summed up in one word Hawk.Hawk, the rookie K 9, stole the show And every scene he was in And even some scenes he wasn t in Yanking whoever happens to be holding his leash wherever he wants them to go Always on the prowl for any food left within easy access

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    I am loving the Rookie K 9 continuity series, from both the 4 legged and 2 legged officers, to the suspense mystery, mayhem and danger This is James Harrison and his partner Hawks story, the bloodhound referred to as a nose with a dog attached I have enjoyed other stories by Dana this one is no exception She laces her own quirky sense of humor within the pages, especially when it comes to describing Hawk There

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    I discovered Dana Mentink s writing last year and she is an author I intend to follow Everything I ve read of hers has been just top notch Christian romance or Christian romantic suspense, it s all great.Reporter Madison Coles wants to write an expose on the crime spree rocking Desert Valley, Arizona, but the small town s residents and police are very tight lipped Madison gets attacked and the only help she can get is

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    Seek and Find is book three in the Rookie K 9 Unit continuity series I have not read the other books, yet this story stood on its own just fine Seek and Find has tons of intrigue and danger and plenty of questions about who is behind the multiple deaths that have occurred over the past years.I really liked the main characters, Madison and James They both came from complicated backgrounds Both had serious trust issues And both h

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    This is an excellent read If you aren t familiar with Dana Mentink books I highly recommend them Her stories are hard to put down, with realistic topics, conflict and suspense This is a stand alone book in the series, her first with a group of popular Love Inspired authors The characters are well defined and interesting I like when an author can get me to care about the characters in a story Dana Mentink pulls that off every time I read

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    Dana Mentink has a vivid imagination when it comes to creating truly suspense filled novels I ve read several of her Love Inspired Suspense books, and I m always on the edge of my seat, wondering what is going to happen next Seek and Find is another one that kept me reading past my bedtime, wanting to read just onechapter Her characters are very well developed Reporters and cops don t tend to mix well, and James and Madison are challenged as the

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    Seek and Find Rookie K 9 Unit By Dana MentinkSeek and Find by Dana Mentink is one of the Rookie K 9 Units Continuity series This book is good as a stand alone with no problems I absolutely love Dana mentink s writing Her books are all good Christian romance suspense I have not read any of her books that I did not like She does not disappoint me She grabbed me right at the start and did not let go till the end This is one of those page turner where you ca

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    A brown flash races across the road Reporter, Madison Coles veers off the road Madison is on her way to Desert Valley, Arizona Her assignment is to report on how the current crime spreeis effecting business in the area.The brown flash turns out to be Hawk, a bloodhound trained to be a K 9 Seek and Find dog The person in charge of Hawk is Rookie K 9 Officer James Harrison.Officer Harrison does not like reporters as they caused him personal loss in the past So he i

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    I loved this book Madison and James are so likable I felt so much empathy for them both Exciting and fast paced suspense.

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    This has got to be my favorite one of this series so far I absolutely loved Hawk That bloodhound was so much fun and so full of love and a perfect match for rookie James Harrison I loved the relationship and growth of James and reporter Madison Coles Both scarred by the past and full of distrust of Madison s profession and people in general, but they overcome it with faith and understanding.A seemingly innocent story from Madison s editor sends Madison on a dangerous road as she c

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