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Closed Door Frustrated because of a constantly closed door in her house, Angela eventually opened it and the heart wrenching discovery left her speechless The detectives assigned to the case dug deep into it, and their investigation led to something bigger

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    Agnes Aggie Hunter 18, Engineering was found dead Did she commit suicide or was she murdered Detective Jacob Slaughter Detective Kingsley Pruitt were doing the investigation.Samuel Sam older brother , Alexandra Lexie Smith Sam s G F , Gregory Kindle, Benjamin Clay Lexie s cousin, suspect , Mary Kate Pearson informant, college student, criminal law were all interviewed interrogated Father Paul presided over the funeral service.Did 1 of those PPL

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    Closed door I think this book should be a novel Its hilarious too. I wondered what sort of parents wouldn t trust their children so, but after that insight, I do not fault them.Suspense was made for this author C M Okonkwo handles this well Now I d be weary before opening a closed door

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    Absolutely loved and enjoyed Closed Door It s captivating and one of those I can t stop until I finish books Great plot lots of surprises Can t wait to read the sequel.C.M Okonkwo never disappoints.

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    C M Okonkwo got me there, just when i thought i could figure out the mystery behind the closed door myself, every chapter had a story to tell So full of suspense and enthralling Following the up shot Green light.

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    I loved it Short, nice and interesting In three words expect the unexpected Will definitely read the next one.

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    It s a great short story, very intriguing for a short story, honestly One cannot take their eyes off it for a second truly captivating.Good job C.M.

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    Brilliantly written short story Would definitely follow it up

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    Great Great Great Just the way i like it Well constructed suspense, reminds me of the likes of Dean Koontz, too intriguing to be a short story A must read Big thumbs up to the author.

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    Couldn t take my eyes off. Ver well put, full of wit and suspense..

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    Lots of plot twists and an interesting story line A good short read.

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About the Author: C.M. Okonkwo

Hi, I m C M OKONKWO I m a French speaking Nigerian author who grew up in Lagos and moved to France to study, where I obtained three fantastic degrees I currently practice HR as a profession, but writing is my passion, which is fuelled by my love for travel and tourism, where I pull experiences and merge them with my limitless imagination.My best genres are action packed mystery, thriller, detective and suspense, but my writing goal is diversity, so I ve also written erotica, romance and literary fiction, and I m still exploring others like fantasy and sci fi.My stories books have won contests and awards from Africa Book Club Short Story Competition to Indie Author Land best 50, to Wattpad, and I have also been a top 5 finalist for Quramo Writers Prize.I m an active member of International Thriller Writers and the Association of Nigerian Authors ANA Lagos chapter , and part of my dream is to set up a Crime, Mystery and Suspense Writers Club in Nigeria I m also the founder of Laybels UCL, a company that promotes literature and reading, and also helps people achieve their dream of becoming published authors Feel free to say hello I can t wait to read from you

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