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The Exclusives In , Josephine Grey and Freya Seymour are best friends and on the brink of great success Both are students at the elite private school Greenwood Hall and Josephine, the daughter of the advisor to the Prime Minister, is heading for everything she has ever worked for Head Girl, Oxford, the demons of her mother finally abated once and for allBut in , Josephine is hiding in Jordan and has been for eighteen years since those catastrophic events in her last year at school And then one day she is found Freya, whom she has not seen since those fateful four months, insists on meeting to revisit their difficult past once and for all and finally lay to rest the events that have haunted their adult lives ever since But Josephine can t bear to it only took one night for their whole lives, friendship, and even selves to unravel beyond comprehension They have done truly terrible things to one another in the name of survival She most of allAll she has ever wanted was to forget, but Freya is no longer willing to let her and now at last, Josephine is to meet her reckoningThe Exclusives is a gripping and emotional thriller that explores the power the past can have on our present and confronts how far we are willing to go when everything we prize is threatened

About the Author: Rebecca Thornton

REBECCA THORNTON is a journalist and runs an online advertising business Her work has been published in Prospect magazine, the Daily Mail, the Jewish News, and the Sunday People She was acting editor of an arts and culture magazine based in Jordan, and she s reported from Kosovo, London, and elsewhere in the Middle East Rebecca is a graduate of the Faber Academy and The Exclusives is her first novel She lives in London.

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    There s just something about boarding schools that capture my imagination Not sure why, because I m pretty sure I would have floundered in the kind of pressured, oppressive, close knit community Thornton relates in these pages Yet it is precisely this atmosphere that makes the plotline work so well in this book The two main

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    Were the narrative better organised delivered, The Exclusives would be a cynosure of stars I am going to write a long review comparing Greenwood Hall with the American Marin High School in The Most Dangerous Place on Earth, which of course will discuss the ending be intended for readers who have finished The Exclusives Briefly, both

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    I have a bit of a thing for stories set in schools that hold a hint of mystery and a past present vibe so when I read the blurb for The Exclusives the terrific cover having caught my eye I thought AHA Looks like one for me.And it was I loved this for many reasons, not least of which is the brilliant characterisation, with the girls being port

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    This book won t be for everyone, and neither will the characters.The story is told over two different timelines one in 1996 where Josephine and Freya experienced something horrible that night , and one in 2014 as Josephine is haunted by her past The author doesn t actually reveal what happened to the girls to destroy their friendship until the last 10

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    Rebecca Thornton s brilliantly drawn debut throws a spotlight on female friendship and all the complexities it embodies The story follows Josephine and Freya, who were best friends at boarding school until a sinister secret ended their friendship The story dips between past and present day, providing a deep insight into two girls who will do whatever it takes

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    Two timescales, 1996 and up to date Beginning at an expensive boarding school with best friends Freya and Josephine, until something happens one evening Freya wanted to discuss it but Josephine didn t end of friendship The trouble is that sometimes the longer you have to wait for the reveal, the less of an impact it is, which is what happens with this story It was all

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    This book really did manage to capture me at first, and I thought it was very interesting and engaging What I didn t like so much was the way the author kept things hidden from the reader it felt clumsy and obvious at times and I didn t like the big reveal at the end.But I did enjoy reading the story and how it switched between the past and the present The chapters were short,

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    3.5 i enjoyed this but the messy narrative certainly diminished the experience still, a solid debut and i thought the cover was absolutely gorgeous.

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    I don t know about you but ever since reading Enid Blyton s stories of boarding school I ve been a teeny weeny bit jealous of anyone who got to go to one, so when Midas PR asked me if I wanted a copy of The Exclusives to read, whose very setting is an exclusive girl s boarding school, I couldn t resist Better still, the summary indicates that are secrets in the past that are impacting on the pre

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    Very simple but quite gripping suspense novel felt like it needed an edit, and I didn t think it was worth taking the time to read the whole thing, but I was interested enough to skim read it until I found out What Happened That Night All Those Years Ago The payoff wasn t worth it, tbh Had the actually quite nice and comforting feel of a kids book, though it isn t one.

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