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Kansas City Confessions Keeping secrets close and an enemy closer His protection instincts on high alert, KCPD detective Trent Dixon knew something was wrong with Katie Rinaldi The special investigator had obviously uncovered a dangerous piece of evidence while looking into a cold case So dangerous, in fact, that the single mother s life was now in jeopardy But as much as Trent told himself he was keeping tabs on Katie and her young son as part of his job, he couldn t ignore the very real feelings he had for her Still, as a professional, he was bound to the badge and would give Katie all the security she deserved And not give in to the attraction he was having trouble containing

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    Very good book and conclusion to the Cold Case series of books Katie and Trent are both members of the Cold Case unit at KCPD They are also old friends, having known each other since they were in high school Katie and her young son are members of a local theater group where Tyler is playing the part of Tiny Tim and Katie does the costumes When she isn t needed sh

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    5 29 172nd read thru Think I enjoyed this eventhe 2nd time thru If you enjoy police dramas, cop, forensics, etc , then you ll love this series

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    Excellent book It is part of a series, but reads as a standalone I had a lot of respect for Katie She is a single mom, and working for KCPD She is a member of the Cold case unit After work she is taking her 9 year old son to play practice He is part of a Christmas performance Her son Tyler kept me laughing throughout the story He was a typical 9 year old boy For Christmas

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    This is the best one that I ve read in this series in ages.I felt the magic that I felt in the first books of this series and that makes me so happy.A few things I would have liked for Miller to touch just a bit onwas the h and H s high school friendship Also since the h s aunt and uncle had their own book early on in this series where we first meet the h too I would have LOVED

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    A really enjoyable fun, quick read Katie has worked hard in the cold case squad for the KCPD but as the computer expert she s been uncovering secrets someone wants buried and has no issues with threatening her to make them stay secret Trent has loved Katie since high school but he s watched her struggle over the trauma she s been through As a detective for the same squad he has a fr

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    Good book even though it is Christmas related the whole story was around Christmas it should be labeled a Christmas book.

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    3.5 would be a better assessment.I interrupted my reading of this to read Shards of Hope The last time I read one of those think it was Vasic s book I found myself reading a book with a similarly tormented H and getting to compare them Seems kind of a strange coincidence that it would happen again.Our h Katie had a v bad childhood Her father killed her mother She was kidnapped while trying to

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    I received a free copy of this book at RT16.For me, this book was adequate for what it is I thought the heroine s backstory was overkill in terms of explaining why she didn t trust herself to get involved with her best friend, the hero Katie blames herself for her father shooting her mother This happened right in front of her Afterward Katie went to live with her aunt, who was good to her At seven

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    Good one, closing the Cold Case miniseries don t worry Miller has another Bachelors in Blue starting soon This one ties together a lot of threads of many cold cases I ll never hear the movie title Strangers on a Train again without remembering this series.The story in the foreground is about Katie Rinaldi, niece of the District Attorney and tech guru of the Cold Case squad Katie is a single mom with a

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    3.5 stars.Like I always say, I like muchthe male characters than females Katie is a little anoying at times Maybe that s understandable with all the things that have happened to her but still sometimes I just wanted to shake her and tell her to stop doubting everything, specially what corcerns to Trent He s a gem She would have been a fool If she kept with those ideas about them together being a mistake and

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