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Platinum Doll Set against the dazzling backdrop of Golden Age Hollywood, novelist Anne Girard tells the enchanting story of Jean Harlow, one of the most iconic stars in the history of filmIt s the Roaring Twenties and seventeen year old Harlean Carpenter McGrew has run off to Beverly Hills She s chasing a dream to escape her small, Midwestern life and see her name in lightsIn California, Harlean has everything a girl could want a rich husband, glamorous parties, socialite friends except an outlet for her talent But everything changes when a dare pushes her to embrace her true ambition to be an actress on the silver screen With her timeless beauty and striking shade of platinum blond hair, Harlean becomes Jean Harlow And as she s thrust into the limelight, Jean learns that this new world of opportunity comes with its own set of burdens Torn between her family and her passion to perform, Jean is forced to confront the difficult truth that fame comes at a price, if only she s willing to pay it Amid a glittering cast of ingenues and Hollywood titans Clara Bow, Clark Gable, Laurel and Hardy, Howard Hughes, Platinum Doll introduces us to the star who would shine brighter than them all

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    Jean Harlow, the effervescent MGM starlet of the 1930 s was known as both Platinum Doll and Platinum Blonde I knew very little about this woman, even though her photos and name have maintained celebrity and recognition, even after her untimely death at the age of twenty six from kidney failure This biographical novel does poetic justice to the young woman who moved from Missouri with her brand new husband, Charles, at the age of sixteen Blessed with a trust fund, Charles sought t

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    3.75 Stars PLATINUM DOLL is a novel based on actress Jean Harlow s rise to fame during the Golden Age of Hollywood In the late 1920s, she goes to California as a teenage bride from the Midwest The book follows her turbulent marriage to Chuck McGrew, and the struggles she had with her ruthless mother who pushed and pushed an acting career, not always having her best interest at heart.I enjoy reading about this era, and this book presents an intriguing and well researched slice of life o

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    Find this and other reviews at first experience with author Anne Girard took place in 2014 when I read Madame Picasso The book impressed me and played a large part in prompting my interest in Platinum Doll I knew next to nothing about Jean Harlow when offered an advanced reader s edition of the book, but I love old Hollywood and knew I d enjoyed Girard s style of writing Long story short, I accepted the offer and quickly lost myself in Girard s inte Find this and other reviews at first exper

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    I ve longed admired Jean Harlow There s just something about her that is mesmerizing and infectious She was someone who seemed to glow from within While I am no expert and haven t seen all her films, I still have an idea of who she might have been I was so excited for the opportunity to read Platinum Doll, but as I was reading, the thrill decreased until it was gone.Ms Girard s portrayal of Jean Harlow, born Harlean Harlow Carpenter, is hollow, naive and full of wide eyed wonder at everythi I ve l

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    In spite of her newfound celebrity, Harlean still believed herself to be the property of others, a circumstance from which she longed to break free Anne Girard, Platinum Doll3.5 stars.I enjoyed reading about Jean Harlow I knew very little about her before I read this book although my parents are always commenting on her beauty and stage presence.The book takes you through Jean s life, from her attempting to break into Hollywood, to her success to her tension filled relationship with her hu In spite of h

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    Find my full review at s something fascinating to me about peaking behind the glamour and spectacle of the golden age of Hollywood and seeing the grit, disappointment and sacrifice hidden beneath I haven t read a book yet or seen a movie set during this unique time and place that doesn t highlight the hardships that come with the privileged life those that make it come to experience This can sometimes come across to me as poor me, I m so rich and sa Find my full review at s something fascinating to me about p

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    Strong 3.5A novel about Jean Harlow early in her career The book focused on her first marriage, which I found very interesting The book ended just as Harlow was a superstar I have read a lot of books about old Hollywood and I remember reading that Harlow was pretty well liked, especially among the crews because she seems to have been pretty down to earth, but I don t think she was as naive as she is portrayed here The relationship with her mother is interesting and stands up to what I have r Strong 3.5A novel about

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    A beautifully told story about Jean Harlow, the original blond bombshell, and the romantic era of Hollywood.

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    I know someone whose grandfather worked as a makeup artist in MGM and he said the most beautiful actress he had ever seen, after working there almost all his life, was Harlow Look at how the stars tear up at the Harlow segment of When a Lion Roars or the tributes included about her in Loy s book she think her mother killed her and Roz Russell s book doesn t think her mom killed her, but wasn t a fan And Eve Golden s biography on her Platinum Girl is one of the greatest biographies ever I know someone whose grandfather worked a

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    I know next to nothing about Jean Harlow and this sounded sort of like Hollywood meets The Great Gatsby so I was super excited to read it Girard s writing style impressed me right away A book like this needs some sparkle and glamour when it comes to the writing is a book set in Hollywood after all.and her writing style was just that, full of colorful descriptions, elegant dialogue and interesting characters.I especially liked coming in contact with other Hollywood film stars charact I know next to nothing about Jean Harlow

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