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Housekeeper Under the Mistletoe Maid for the millionaire Angelica Witherspoon is hopeful that a housekeeping job is the fresh start she s been looking for Until she arrives at the remote lakeside mansion full of enthusiasm and has the door slammed in her face Reclusive millionaire Jefferson Stone clearly stated chatterboxes need not apply, but Angelica is tenacious, and reluctantly he gives her a trial Recently widowed, Jefferson has cut himself off from the world, but Angelica s warmth and stunning smile are tempting him to step out of the shadows and sweep her under the mistletoe

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    Good redemption story Angie is on the run from a stalker and is at the end of her resources When she sees an ad for a housekeeper in a remote mansion it seems like the perfect solution Unfortunately, her first encounter with her potential employer gets the door slammed in her face

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    What mistletoe There was none None of this story took place at Christmas until the last chapter How did she track down her stalker This book neededdetails a lotit feels like an outline in certain parts Hero is brooding all over the place but his reasons feels quite fake Why couldn t it h

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    OK so this was my first romance novel I picked it up because I was sitting vigil by my grandmother There was a stack of these books and this one was one top It wasfine I finished it, which isn t true for some books I ve started I will say that I was hoping forI thought there would be talk of t

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    Chore getting through this boring m nage of sub plots I wonder if the author wasn t sure what the plot should be so she threw in a few different ones hoping one would work I set this one aside for my marathon Christmas Books Readathon if you re looking for a Christmas book, warning Christmas only co

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    I like the story just fine, and could sympathize with both Angie and Jefferson I think the only thing I did not like about the story, was that when the author would write from his perspective, it did not ring true I could tell that a woman had written it.I enjoyed the ending, however, and it was a sweet s

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    The ending felt rushed and it would have been so much better if Angie wasin danger

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