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Mariah Kimball has always dreamed of being a lawyer Circumstances kept her from getting her college degree out of high school, and now, at twenty eight, she is finally getting her life on track She and her mother, Janet, share a house, and they get along well Nothing has prepared Mariah for the news heading her way via a letter from the law offices of Hardy, Hardy, and Hardy From the letter, Mariah learns that she was born to a teenage girl named Kathleen Warren, the granddaughter of a wealthy woman named Cora Cora s legacy is one of pain and loss Her daughter died tragically, and her granddaughter withered away behind the walls of the old Victorian house on the shore Their pain was so great that it has lingered, and when Mariah is told she has inherited the house from her hitherto unknown great grandmother, she must contend with the spirits dwelling there when she takes possession of the charming white house by the sea Since she was a child, Mariah was a loner whose imaginary friends were her constant companions Now, as an adult, when she is confronted by visions while packing up her dead relatives belongings, she isn t afraid She is, however, intrigued, and with the help of a mysterious man named Jerry and an investigator named Sam, Mariah seeks to discover what the ghosts are trying to tell her The House on the Shore

About the Author: A.L. Jambor

A.L Jambor lives in Florida with her husband, Hans Amy began writing at the tender age of fifty eight when she was inspired by a photo of her granddaughter The result was But the Children Survived, an apocalyptic story about how a pharmaceutical company s greed led to the destruction of North America From there, Amy began writing fantasy mysteries that incorporated both her love of puzzles and her humor Nick Dandino and Lord Percival Plep are two of her protagonists the first a PI in heaven, the second an English lord reincarnated as a pudgy terrier named Libby She has also written an historical time travel series and a dark crime thriller You can find all her books s KDP program and available with Kindle Unlimited.

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    The playback in time Awesome A story based on a young woman suddenly finding out she s not only adopted but she s also inherited a house.However her first time in the house and she starts seeing bits of the past Her mother, whom she had never met, her Grandmother and her great grandmother However there is also the police officer that keeps showing up One who doesn t eat or drink but is convinced that her great grandmother had killed her husband Throw in an asylum, a baby born out of

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    I was hoping that this was the first of a serial, but it does not appear to be so There were a few ends that had only been tied up loosely, although they could be explored further in another book.This story was lovely Mariah finds out she was adopted when she inherits a house from her great grandmother As she packs up her family s belongings, she witnesses their ghostly apparitions, and discovers a mystery in need of solving.

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    Quick read, short story I didn t connect with this story as well as I did with Grandmas Room In one chapter the author used the wrong name for a character It was a bigger story told to hurriedly.

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    CuteBut had a cliffhanger ending with no way of knowing if there was another book Very irritating It was a good book.

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    I found this author by chance and have read most of the books Each one is interesting to me.

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    Will keep you interestedNice story Imaginative Keeps you wanting to know what happens next This is the second book I have read of hers and I will definitely looking for another.

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    Very sweetJambor writes such touching stories that I almost wish I could experience something similar It would be very nice to interact with my deceased loved ones.

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    InterestingGood story Grabbed my attention immediately Maybe that s the sign of a good short story writer Even though the author seemed to tie up all lose ends of the story, I was left wanting to knowI wanted to get to know Cora and really what happened to Megan, Sarah, and Kathy Your given the main characters thoughts on what happened but I wanted the back stories, etc That s why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 Still glad I read it

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    An old Victorian House built in the late 1800 s, that housed a four generation family with many memories some good,some not so, and some unfinished business, made this suspense mystery with a little bit of paranormal an excellent read that I really enjoyed

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    PleasantThis book was easy to read and I enjoyed the sightings of ghosts and the mystery surrounding them Mariah was very straightforward.

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