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Special Care Baby Miracle (Mills & Boon Medical) New mum Sheena s newborn girls are fighting for their lives, and paediatric surgeon Will Beckman is the man to save them the same Will who was once the love of Sheena s life Sheena s hoping for two little miracles but perhaps an unexpected third dream might also come true

About the Author: Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark was born in England in the Lake District, but at the age of two, her parents decided to move to Australia and thankfully took her with them Lucy loves the sunburst country, the land of sweeping plains, with its rugged mountain ranges and droughts and flooding rains She recalls only happiness during her childhood, even when her two older sisters and older brother used to tease and manipulate her like all older siblings.She first discovered a passion for the written word when receiving excellent grades in her comprehension and English lessons and rather appalling grades for everything else A late bloomer in the reading department, she would sit up until all ours of the night or early morning devouring one romance novel after the other At the age of seventeen, she decided she could write one, and immediately knew she d found her calling in life She wrote her first manuscript, sent it over the wide, blue ocean to the offices of Mills Boon in London and received a very nice rejection letter The devastation set in Dreams of becoming a well known romance writer, of travelling the world, of book signing tours, of international recognition were blown away with the wind.After meeting Peter, the man of her dreams and marrying him, Lucy decided to oncetry her hand at writing a romance While working full time in a teaching hospital as a medical secretary for two busy orthopaedic surgeons, she typed up a fresh story and submitted it for publication Rejection again Although by this time, she d called for reinforcements her romance writing group They provided counselling lunches and support dinners Then one day she had an idea Lucy decided to try and write a Medical Romance book in collaboration with her husband This she did and broke through the barriers into the publishing world Elation Excitement Euphoria When she floated down from the clouds, she now realized the enormous task that lay ahead in producing further work Planning books is now a necessity, editing is an appalling process that unfortunately must be done Ideas, medical research, characters, situations and settings now fill most of her time along with her family, of course.Lucy and Peter currently live in Adelaide, Australia, and have the desire to travel the world with their children Lucy largely credits her writing success to the support of her husband, family and friends She looks forward to a long and happy association with her characters, her editors and her readers with only one eternal wish That the dry sense of humor she and her husband share doesn t get her into trouble, as it often has in the past

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