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Falling for the BossBeing tied up and delivered to the sheriff was not how Nicole O Malley expected to meet her new boss Quinn Darling had the audacity to mistake her for a burglar Now she s counting the days until she can leave small town life behind to open her own boutique But as long as she s helping two runaways escape their vindictive stepdad, she can t leave townQuinn s determined to triumph in his first business venture without the support of his wealthy family He can t succeed without assistant Nicole, a beauty as prickly as she is captivating As Quinn adjusts to the tight knit community, he s soon set on another goal breaking through Nicole s reserve to capture the love hidden in her heart From Boss to Bridegroom

About the Author: Karen Kirst

Karen Kirst was born and raised in East Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains A lifelong lover of books, it wasn t until after college that she had the grand idea to write one herself The pursuit of her dream would take longer than she first anticipatedyears, in fact In the fall of 2010, she got the happy news that Harlequin Love Inspired Historical wanted to publish her manuscript a true blessing from God Now she divides her time between being a wife, homeschooling mom, and romance writer She enjoys reading, hosting tea parties and spending time with friends.

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    Another good story by Karen Kirst Compared to the previous books characters, I found Nicole and Quinn to be somewhat bland And I wasn t too keen on Nicole professing her love to Quinn first Call me old fashioned, but a woman should never be the first to confess anything That is the man s job PGonna skip ahead once again and continue with Reclaiming His Past Book 8 as I read Jane and Tom s story Book 7 several years prior.

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    This book started out with the best or worst meeting of the two protagonists Nicole, believing her new boss is an intruder, smacks him in the head with a pot The fact that the two of them get past this and are able to work together is well described Additionally, I loved how Quinn was able to get Nicole to see her shortcomings regarding her family By opening Nicole s eyes to what was really wrong, he was able to allow her to create stron

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    Loved it.

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    I definitely need to read the first 5 This was a page turner that I couldn t put down

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    Series Smoky Mountain Matches,book 6 From Boss to Bridegroom by Karen KirstThe title lets you know what will happen BUT not what is going to happen along the wayYou will so enjoy as I did all the details Nicole O Malley has several sisters but along the way she has come up with the idea that they are allbeautiful and know so muchthen she does so she spends her time pushing everyone away and not getting close to anyone The first ones she lets come

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    Loved, loved, loved this book Great continuation of the series I was pleasantly surprised with this book I pictured a different Hero for Nicole Just from Caleb s comment at the end of Caleb s book, I pictured the complete opposite of what Nicole seemed to want I kind of pictured her with a rancher This book was great, delving deeper into Nicole s personality and completely dismantling what I had thought of her as I was surprised not surprised at wha

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    Karen Kirst does it again, this book is fantastic and such an enjoyable read I was intrigued as to what kind of man would be able to break through the hard shell that I had seen in Nicole in the previous books and Quinn did not disappoint Yes, Quinn was captivated by Nicole s beauty, but he also wasn t afraid to dig past her walls to see her inner beauty, and he would gently challenge her to see life beyond her plans and assumptions to allow God to wor

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    GoodI enjoyed catching up with the O Malley family Nicole really plucked my last nerve, she had her mind made up that she was going to move away and start her boutique, not thinking that maybe God had other plans Loved Quinn Darling the perfect hero to help Nicole loosen up and have fun This book had bullying, child abuse, murder and God Loved the closeness of the O Malley family.

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    From Boss To Bridegroom by Karen Kirst was a very good book Wealthy Quinn Darling leaves his family business to move to a small town to take over a mercantile store He wants to prove he can make it on his own Nicole O Malley worked at the store for the last owner She continues to work for Quinn Nicole is saving money to move away from the small town to a bigger town to open a dressmaker store A lot of things go on in this book A must read.

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    From the humor filled misunderstanding opener, Kirst s latest is laced with witty banter and good character growth This is a faith filled and top notch series that just keeps getting better RT Book Reviews, 4 stars Miniseries Smoky Mountain Matches

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