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Kiss Number 8 Amanda can t figure out what s so exciting about kissing It s just a lot of teeth clanking, germ swapping, closing of eyes so you can t see that godzilla sized zit just inches from your own hormonal monstrosity All of her seven kisses had been horrible in different ways, but nothing compared to the awfulness that followed Kiss Number Eight An exploration of sexuality, family, and faith, Kiss Number Eight is a coming of age tale filled with humor and hope

About the Author: Colleen A.F. Venable

You might know me from such films as Colleen s Fourth Birthday Party and Colleen Falls Down Over and Over Again While Ice Skating Day Job Creative Director at Odd DotOther jobs Writing books, making stuff, rescuing rabbits, being ridiculous Fun facts I have a huge connect the dots tattoo I accidentally started an international holiday See National Pancake Day or Lumberjack Day, every Sept 26 I once sang back up on an album nominated for the Polka Grammy I can t sing When I was 18, I broke a national coed jump rope record My graphic novel series Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye illustrated by Stephanie Yue was nominated for an Eisner for Best Publication for Kids and awarded Best Book recognition from Kirkus Reviews, NYPL, Bank Street, and the Junior Library Guild I grew up in the trees of Walden, New York.well, not very high up the trees, since I always got scared, but I did carve my name in a lot of low hanging boughs I had an older sister, a dog, a cat, a million fish, and an imaginary pet hamster named, yup you guessed it, Hamisher Why have an imaginary friend when you can have an imaginary friend that can fit in your pocket I went to Wagner College and double majored in English and Studio Art, winning the award of biggest dork aka first in my class I love graphic novelsthan I love having feet and I really do love having feet They keep my shoes on Pssst My name is actually spelled Colleen AF Venable No punctuation My birth name was Colleen Ann Venable, but in 1994 I asked to change my middle name to Felicity, because that s the sort of thing you do when you are 14 So I started to go by Colleen AFmostly because I was bad at typing periods The internet either ruined my name or made it SO MUCH COOLER You can decide.

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    Who on earth told this 300 page YA graphic novel that it had to have acomplicated story than most 700 page high fantasy epics This did the absolute most for NO reason.I mean Some spoilers, but It s the story of Amanda, a girl who has kissed seven boys before realizing that she may want to kiss girls, and specifically wants to kiss her female best friend, who is

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    I should have known from the very beginning that this would be a VERY dramatic book, not a romantic comedy like I expected Rom com, really That could not be farther from reality After all, the cover itself is overly dramatic Mads s friend is whispering who knows what in her ear while she is blushing and holding a CROSS But I had to give it a chance because it s a GRAPHIC

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    Trigger Warning Homophobia, Transphobia, the f wordMads parents are strained, and what s worse, she thinks her dad is cheating on her mother with another woman And her dad won t tell her anything about it But Mads keeps her thoughts away hanging out with her best friend Cat, and kissing boys Even if the kissing isgross Where s the appeal Then everything starts to unravel.And ever

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    It took me some time, but I got into this book I love how they are telling the story through who she is kissing Kiss number 8 is a game changer for our protagonist Mads She never finds a reason to stay with boys, but she realizes that her best friend might bethan Mads thought Her friend is Cat, a wild and boy crazy girl Kiss 8 was not with Cat, but it was a girl and she finds out that it

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    This is not a light, fun kissing book It s a story about family secrets I didn t like how coy it was about the religious roots of the characters bigotry And it was odd how dated the first half of the book felt compared to the progressiveness of the ending There was a strange disconnect there.

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    I really liked this National Book award nominee a lot The art is lively and the dialogue is even livelier Amanda Mads is a student at a small Catholic high school and she is part of a devout Catholic family The book is attractively framed by a series of head shots of the seven boys and one girl she had at that point kissed which reminded me of Mari Naomi s Kiss and Tell A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22 The

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I had to really ponder this review bc I had such high hopes that I had to grapple with the difference between what I wanted it to be and what it actually is.As a school librarian, here s what disappointed me and made me decide not to add it to my collection the setting of the book in 2004 was only put out there in the very first panel a

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    This is a really hard story to read in places Many of the characters are blatantly transphobic and homophobic, but that doesn t mean that this work is Kiss Number 8 is an important coming out story in 2019 These days, we get stories where everything is Dramatic and Bad OR where everyone important to the character just accepts their new identity immediately There s definitely a place for both of these kinds of stories, but I

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    I found myself totally engaged with this family drama despite its fairly slow pace and a possibly triggering amount of view spoiler transphobia and homophobia hide spoiler I didn t feel nearly done with these characters by the end, and I d love to see the last dozen pages expanded to another 300 page graphic novel I found myself totally engaged with this family drama despite its fairly slow pace and a possibly triggering amount of v

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    2 stars for the story, additional star for the artwork.You may have seen other reviews saying the cover art does not match the interior story This is true.You may have seen other reviews saying there are a lot of plotlines in this book and none of them are really given full service, especially the tale of a transman, and the end result is chaotic Also true.You may have seen other reviews saying this takes place in 2004 which makes no sense f

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