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Infinite The stunning conclusion to the Incarnate trilogy, a fantasy about a girl who is the first new soul born into a society where everyone else has been reborn hundreds of timesAna knows that soon life in Heart will be at risk so she escapes with her friends, seeking answers and allies to stop Janan s ascension and keep the other Newsouls safe But only she knows the true cost of reincarnation and the dangers she ll encounter if she returns to stop Janan once and for all

About the Author: Jodi Meadows

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    The book the ARC incarnation, anyway is 418 pages It has 33 chapters around 91,000 words.It had 15 drafts major enough to get archived in my folder, including one complete rewrite and a 10,000 word false start Only three scenes survived the rewrite On page 332,

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    My review for Incarnate here and Asunder here.This book s cover is my favorite out of all three _ Thank God this series is over I m so happy I will no longer have to read about Ana s whiny crap and this boring as shit book NO THIS SERIES IS OVER WHY WHY WHY THAT ENDING

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    I ve been waiting for a year to read Infinite by Jodi Meadows, the last installment of the Incarnate trilogy I wasn t disappointed I received this ARC from Harper Publishers in exchange for an honest review I award this book 4.5 stars.Infinite by Jodi Meadows takes off where Asu

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    These have got to be the most gorgeous covers ever These have got to be the most gorgeous covers ever

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    It s been years since I read the first two books and I finally got around to finishing this series.Even though it has been years since I read the second book, I found it really easy to slip back into the beautiful, creative world that Jodi Meadows has created I love her writing style and her char

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    This book has to be my least favourite one in the series It was just kind of boring There was way too much talking ane explaining and less, well, action They just kept repeating everything The few action scenes were good, but I got so bored with book that I lost interest Yet, I kept reaeing because I want

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    Really satisfying ending Most of my questions were answered, but I still am curious about the Cataclysm thing.

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    It s 1 am and I ve finallyyyy finished this I am so in love with this whole series Such great books.I love how in this book we see and understand the role music has and how big of a part it has in this series There s so much action and craziness in this last book I was always on my toes I am however upset about the ending.

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    first read 2014 July 27 July 29 I m completely in awe with these books, second time reading them and I still love them just as much as the first time the story it s completely captivating and original the characters have such interesting backgrounds that I wish we learnedabout them and all these mythical creatures that appeared thr

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.MY REVIEW I had some issues with this book, mainly in the first half, but the ending was perfect for the series Oh, to review this without giving major spoilers I will try.THINGS I DIDN T LIKEThe first part It just seemed so aimless Like they were making up as they went Which is fi

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