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Once Pregnant, Twice Shy What s one impulsive night between old friends Tied together by tragedy, business tycoon Garrett Gage has always vowed to protect Kate Devaney at all costs What he doesn t expect is that she d someday need protection from him When did Kate blossom from an orphaned little girl into a breathtaking woman And what possessed him to forsake a deathbed vow and take vulnerable Kate into his arms, into his bed Now that they d been intimate, things have changed than Garrett could possibly know Kate is carrying his child And along with that, a secret that could change everything

About the Author: Red Garnier

Red Garnier is an erotic romance author whose first book released from Ellora s Cave Publishing in May 2007 to receive a Fallen Angel Recommended Read.She writes fun and sexy erotic contemporaries as well as paranormals, which can range from dark and emotionally intense, to witty and fun and sweet as cherries Whatever she s writing at the time, Red loves to sit down with her characters and let them take things from there.Red Garnier is a lover of love, laughter, and hot, steamy sex She lives with her husband the love of her life, her very own hero and is a proud mother of two.She was born to write, to say what s on her mind, and to make a few tongues wag along the way When Red is not writing, she s probably found with her face glued to a sizzling romance book.Red loves to read and to write in the many genres of romance.

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    This novel is quiet short and an easy read The only down fall about this that I had a major issue with is the title, and the summary that the author provided Basically what s in the summary on the back of the book is the whole book, minus the details.Over all, it was okay 3 stars Just wished the character said their feelings earlier instead of dragging out Then maybe the author could have includ

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    Probablylike 3.5 Stars

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    Kate Devaney s father died when she was 7, protecting Garrett Gage from killers As he died, he asked Garrett to look after Kate, so the two of them are linked by quite the tragedy Eventragic, Kate is hopelessly in love with Garrett, but doesn t know if he feels the same way Sick of the heartache of wanting a man she can t have, Kate decides to leave Texas for Miami When Garrett finds out, he s deter

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    Once Pregnant Twice Shy which I won from Goodreads Giveaways is a delightfully entertaining romance between a ruthlessly self disciplined media baron Garnett Gage, and Kate Devaney , the daughter of the body guard who saved his life With the death of Dave Devaney and no immediate family , young Kate and Molly are raised by the Gage family, but because of their father s sacrifice Garrett has vowed to p

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    I won a copy of Once Pregnant, Twice Shy a Harlequin Desire novel, by Red Garnier, in exchange for an honest review.Day and night Kate Devaney longed for this man, Garrett Gage, one of three successful media magnate brothers, that she tried to forget They had shared historyand now a child For Kate must find the right time to tell Garrett that he was going to be a father But now he was engaged to be marr

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    I really, really wanted to love this one, but only got as far as liking it This was my first read by Red Garnier and I loved how she brought out the emotions of Kate and Garrett But what turned me off and made me give a star less than it deserved was how this book seemed to drag out the past, the recent past, of the protagonists While reading, just when I expected that the story will now proceed, I was di

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    Don t buy, waste of money Bad story.To much angst I love harelquin presents But spending 3 was not worth it No real story The hero was good and bad Nothing in between to substantiate why The heroine was weak and unrealistic She s moving to Florida with no plans This one should have free.

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    Want to read the others in this series

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    Was a passionate and complicated relationsip these two have

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    Good book with some intense heat between Garrett and Kate Garrett has loved Kate for years, but his guilty feelings over her father s death won t allow him to believe in a future with her Those feelings get worse when they give in to their passion and he feels like he has betrayed his vow to protect her Garrett is torn up over his feelings for Kate He wants her in his life, but can t believe she would want him be

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