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Dreams Underfoot Welcome to Newford Welcome to the music clubs, the waterfront, the alleyways where ancient myths and magic spill into the modern world Come meet Jilly, painting wonders in the rough city streets and Geordie, playing fiddle while he dreams of a ghost and the Angel of Grasso Street gathering the fey and the wild and the poor and the lost Gemmins live in abandoned cars and skells traverse the tunnels below, while mermaids swim in the grey harbor waters and fill the cold night with their songContents Uncle Dobbin s Parrot FairThe Stone DrumTimeskipFreewheelingThat Explains PolandRomano DromThe Sacred FireWinter Was HardPity the MonstersGhosts of Wind and ShadowThe Conjure ManSmall DeathsThe Moon is Drowning While I SleepIn the House of My EnemyBut for the Grace Go IBridgesOur Lady of the HarbourPaperjackTallulah

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    Copied from the author s website, I thought this would be a handy guide for myself since I lost track of which ones I ve read and who knows in what order for the ones I have read.Q Where do I start reading the Newford stories A The books have all been written in such a w

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    I was just a wee freshman in high school when I discovered Charles de Lint, and my addiction to his characters and fictional world of urban mythology all started with this book It has been 14 years now and I m still a huge fan.The first edition paperback of this book actu

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    Note, Nov 26, 2015 I edited this review just now to correct a misspelled word.All but one of the 19 stories in this collection take place in de Lint s favorite setting, his imaginary city of Newford, Canada and its environs, and they furnish a great introduction to his cha

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    3.5 stars I liked this collection and certainly would recommend it to fans of de Lint but in all honesty I was expecting to like this collectionthan I actually did I had previously read Moonheart which I loved and Memory and Dream which I thought was excellent, though not q

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    A collection of short stories that actually works very well as a novel They all share a setting and theme that of troubled, often creative young people encountering myth and magic in the imaginary city of Newford Having never been to either city, for some reason Newford conj

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    Absolutely stunning I m still somewhat mesmerised by this book, under its spell, having a hard time not picking it straight back up and reading it again and only stopped from doing so because I lent it to someone else with the insistence that they read it immediately.This boo

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    Charles de Lint seems to do what many New York Times Bestselling authors fail to do he is able to tell simple Note I do not mean simplistic stories, and keep the meat and potatoes in place What do I mean There is nothingirritating to me than a story which isa sketch than a sto

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    Charles de Lint was writing urban fantasy well before the genre s current wave of popularity In fact, his work sits outside what people mean by urban fantasy these days it eludes classification, falling somewhere between magic realism and folkloric fantasy Terri Windling s intr

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    Review initially published on my blog, Writing by Numbers, here.It s uncomfortable and a little odd to admit that this collection of short stories mostly made me think I wouldn t de Lint very much Though the stories are fiction, I couldn t shake the feeling that he was a smarmy

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    Dreams Underfoot introduces readers to DeLint s imaginary Canadian city of Newford a mecca for urban fantasy Magic is on the streets of Newford, if you just know where to look for it, often in unusual places, oraccurately perhaps, if you believe in it Newford is home to many ima

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