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The Ivory and the Horn In the city of Newford, when the stars and the vibes are right, you can touch magic Mermaids sing in the murky harbor, desert spirits crowd the night, and dreams are real than waking Charles de Lint began his chronicles of the extraordinary city of Newford in Memory Dream and the short story collection Dreams Underfoot In The Ivory and the Horn, this uncommonly gifted craftsman weaves a new tapestry of stark realism and fond hope, mean streets and boulevards of dreams, where you will rediscover the power of love and longing, of wishes and desires, and of the magic that hovers at the edge of everyday life

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    I was first introduced to deLint s world of urban fantasy with his book, Dingo, and it was love at first word He has the ability to look beyond the day to day struggles and show the magic of the world around us, a dream world where all is possible and the inhabitants take on a life of their own, blending mythology, the spirit world, fantasy and realit

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    Another collection of Newford short stories, and they are as powerful as ever More of the backstory on some characters we know and like, and the introduction of all sorts of characters we haven t met before, and may never again De Lint recently announced that he s done with Newford I can only hope he changes his mind These are wonderful stories, and very i

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    This is the second book of Newford short stories from de Lint They re good, but not quite as consistently so as Dreams Underfoot, alas But I ll still leave my original rating This is the second book of Newford short stories from de Lint They re good, but not quite as consistently so as Dreams Underfoot, alas But I ll still leave my original rating

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    Another Newford short story collection.this is my third travel to Newford, and I had a great time I always seem to find it hard to think of how to describe deLint The writing is excellent, and conjures a strong sense of place After a bit, you feel like you would know how to navigate Newford should you ever land there in a timeslip or in a dream But there are a few o

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    I enjoy de Lint s writing to an extent, though as with all fiction, I am not as sold on the short form stuff The quality tends to be variable, the writing less polished, the stories often a bit stunted There are some gems in the collection, but a lot of quite pedestrian stuff too Some problems specifically with de Lint.Too much child abuse this is clearly a big issue for

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    Ivory and Horn is the second collection of short stories in de Lint s Newford books While some of them especially the first three still feel a bit basic, I feel like he s finding the series voice and the city of Newford is starting to seem like a real place Most of these tales are for lack of a better term urban fantasy light , where the ghosts, spirits and faerie creatures m

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    I m re reading de Lint s Newford collections after many years, and just picked up a used copy of this one The sense of wonder, the seamless blending of multiple mythologies and the touching and occasional brutal emotional world of the stories is just as I recalled The thing that I didn t fully get when I last read them,than a decade ago, was how de Lint s ideas of consensual reali

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    So good World The world building is amazing, the world that De Lint creates is fully formed, familiar yet magical It the feeling you get when you read really good Neil Gaiman De Lint s world is about the spaces and cracks in the pavement, the people we turn and don t at in our society and it s there where all the magic and wonder is and it s a wonderful world indeed The tone is simply

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    If I had to pick one favorite author, it would be Charles de Lint His books have kept me company and kept me sane through some of my darkest days I come back to them, and back to them Although I have been gone from them for a few decades house fire, library wiped out , I am coming home again, and LOVING IT

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    Charles de Lint is one of my guilty pleasures he can be pretty cliched in his descriptions and his characters can get a little preachy I generally don t mind the preachy tendencies because I tend to agree and there are usually other qualities in his writing that make up for it.I read this story collection over a number of months when I just needed something quick and different for my nightly rea

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