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Elemental Desire Only one woman can bring him to his knees Seth is manager of Desire, the hottest nightspot in Atlanta He s also an ifrit a djinn born from primal fire and it s his burning sexual energy that lures women to his club At closing time, Seth takes his pick from throngs of gorgeous creatures incapable of resisting him And one night he chooses Eden Or does she choose him Neither wants anything than a few hours of mind blowing sex But Eden is a witch, a high priestess charged with keeping the elements in balance Her magic binds Seth to her, and eventually it will snuff out his flame altogetherSeth s only hope is submission to Eden s command, and to the emotions he tries so hard to master But first, Eden must find the strength to wield her power in ways she never imagined

About the Author: Denise Tompkins

I hate talking about myself in the third person feels too much like a eulogy and I m not dead yet So here it goes, one biography coming up.Humor, be it light or dark, is critical to my mental health Add a dash of snark, a little suspense and an occasional murder and you ve found my literary voice Oh, and smexy Can t forget the smexy My theory is a kiss should be meaningful regardless of length, a hero can say as much with a well written look as he can with a long winded paragraph, and heroines are meant to hold their own She s no Cinderella and Shakespeare wrote the only Romeo and Juliet, so I stick to women who can save themselves and tortured heros who are loathe to let them If we can find a little, or a lot, of romance along the way We re both happy I m not perfect and that s perfectly fine It s too much pressure, and pressure leads to guilt, self hatred, a little too much wine, new kittens, Twinkie binges and a sore stomach.I write the stories I want to read but can t find Okay, that s not true I write the stories the characters in my head tell me to write I m a conduit not for the spiritual world, but the fictional one Don t be alarmed I m a professional I paid my daily horoscope subscription for the daily affirmation, so it s now guaranteed Thank you, Mastercard You were right some things ARE priceless.I m an unashamed Anglophile.My favorite things are totally random and unrelated masculine men with a sense of chivalry but no pretention, a rainy day, snow, my Bull Mastiff, good guacamole, the rare true friend, a good book that makes me lose track of time, and the gift of hope.I m represented by the amazing and fearless Deidre Knight of The Knight Agency I still get lightheaded and slightly giddy at the fact.

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    Love the finish to this series crosses fingers, squishes eyes shut, makes HUGE wish forI adore Seth and Eden My solid cheers for each of them came at the sad expense of knowing I was rooting against the other I m so glad everything came together in such sweet balance.Denise s writing is so fluid and vivid yet is done in such a sub

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