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Skybowl The war has not gone well With peace only a memory and the future promising defeat, the sunrunners are facing the greatest test of allfor Skybowl has been abandoned to the enemy and High Prince Pol s wife is held prisoner by their Warlord

About the Author: Melanie Rawn

Melanie Rawn received a BA in history from Scripps College and worked as a teacher and editor before becoming a writer.She has been nominated for a Locus award on three separate occasions in 1989 for Dragon Prince in the first novel category , in 1994 for Skybowl in the fantasy novel category , and again in 1995 for Ruins of Ambrai in the fantasy novel category.

10 thoughts on “Skybowl

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    The final book in the Sunnerrunner s world It does not dissapoint The battles are furiuos, the intrigue thick, and the characters engaging as always While I wasn t particularly happy with everyone who ends up

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    I wanted this series to endepically than it did It was so close I could feel it building it up, I knew shit was about to go down Some shit did go down, but the final battle did not strike the right chords for me.As w

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    nothing to add see review of The Dragon PrinceI seriously cried when this series ended.

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    A final end to the world of Sunrunners that Melanie Rawn has painted An end and a new beginning This certainly upped my enjoyment a notch compared to books 1 and 2 I loved this one as much as the original trilogy.The pacing of the s

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    Another behemoth of a book and I m so glad to finally have resolution for this series Rawn does a good job in wrapping up all the loose strings so that there are no lingering questions after this book however, I found the book itself to onl

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    Where do I start Maarken Rohannon Sethric Chayla Meiglan Rislyn Kazander Sioned Audry Meath Chay Tobin Alasen Sionell Beth TilalIt was a stunning ending with the final battle leaving me feeling wrung out and yet oddly satisfied All of these charact

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    This book is the third in the Dragon Star Trilogy, taking place after the Dragon Prince Trilogy again it starts out to be a very politically oriented story line but turns into a great saga The story keep your attention and takes you into a world of High Pr

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    Epic ending to an epic series It s been so long since I last read these, I ve really enjoyed my extended reread I must have been of aspry mind when I was a teenager because each time I read them again I find it harder to keep all the family and political connectio

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    This is me right now The wonderful thing about Melanie is her ability to yank the tears right out of me, even for characters I either barely know or don t like all that much Spoilers galore coming up view spoiler Take Andry, for example His actions often fill me with rage

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Probably the best of this trilogy, though way too long I think this book featured the largest amount of characters and it s incredibly difficult to figure out who is who still I had to keep referencin

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