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Remembering That Night Who s that girl Greg Chalmers knows when someone is lying That s how he ends up helping the police with an unusual case A woman is found covered in blood, claiming she has no memory Is she lying He doesn t think so But for the first time, his attraction to her could be clouding his judgment Despite his intentions to stay aloof, he can t resist helping Eliza Dunning especially when she becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation As they work together to uncover the details of her life, Greg finds himself in deep And it s even important to prove her innocence

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    Liza Dunning is approached by a policeman when she is found walking on the highway covered in blood with no memories Greg Chalmers is called in to consult on the case because of his skills as a human lie detector He determines that she is telling the truth and

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    Rating 3.5 starsI really enjoy Stephanie Doyle s writing, her books generally don t take the usual route and since Greg was a character we met before I was curious to see who would hook him.Greg used to be a psychologist but he isn t one any longer, what he is a w

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    Interesting amnesia story One that s actually probable Lots of murder mystery to it, but it doesn t overwhelm the story The hero was almost psychic in the way he could read lies and liars, which was an interesting aspect of the story Liked it a lot.

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    Greg Chalmers is a human lie detector Confident in his theory about the physiology of lying, he walked away from his psychology practice after he was proven fallible by one of his patients Afterward, his life spiraled out of control, causing him to lose his much the rest

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    Originally HERE.Okay, first thing s first I nearly DNF d this book for the most stupid reason, and here it is Ten percent of the way in, the heroine who is acting all superior about her cooking skills and apparently is connected to an Italian family requests a spoon to eat he

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    This is my second harlequin super romance I am truly enjoying the aspect of my romance mix with suspense and intrigue Eliza or Liza as she is called was found with blood all over her and no memory In walks ex psychologist ex gambler Greg who the cops has called in to ask if he th

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    The best thing this story has going for it is the amnesia angle I really liked how the author handled this aspect of the plot I also got sucked into the mystery enough to keep reading the book to the end, despite the fact that I hated everything else here The heroine keeps trying to

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    I did not expect a story centering on a woman with amnesia to grab my attention, but it did In fact, I couldn t put it down Greg Chalmers, a psychologist unable to practice, is asked to tell the cops if Eliza Dunning is lying when she is found covered in blood, but unhurt herself, and sa

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    Amnesia I absolutely love what Steph did with that old familiar trope in this book But the winner for me is Greg, the hero Recovering gambling addict, smart aleck, sort of a human lie detector all very cool things but when the human lie detector runs into a woman with amnesia, what s he goin

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    A fast paced plot and good characterization make Remembering That Night an easy read Doyle s story progresses smoothly, and her skill at keeping the bad guy underwraps until the end makes for a satisfying conclusion The attraction between Greg and Eliza is also quite well drawn RT Book Reviews,

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About the Author: Stephanie Doyle

It all started with Shanna and Star Wars An odd combination, I know, but what people don t appreciate about Star Wars is the deep romantic element between two of the lead characters I wasn t seven years old when I was able to clearly spot that Han and Leia were supposed to be a couple.Sure most of my friends, who at the time weren t nearly as mature as I was after all some of them were still six, thought that Leia loved Luke But anyone really looking could see that Han and Leia were the couple to beat.That s when I discovered romance.Then at about fifteen or so I was babysitting one night, bored out of my mind the children were fast asleep at this point so I picked a book from the shelf I wasn t much of a reader at the time, but I liked the orange cover It was Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss.That s when I discovered romance novels.Making up stories that s just something I ve always done It s like breathing for me But it wasn t until I began to read actively that I thought maybe I could actually write a book The benefit of writing over reading is that I get to have everything just the way I like it I should mention at this point that I m a little bit of a control freak.But I didn t go to school for writing In fact I went to school to be the President of the United States make that a power hungry control freak.I attended Catholic University of America in Washington D.C And no, that is not a school to learn how to become a nun Although, since I m not married yet, my mother believes that subliminal messages were piped into the dorm rooms through hidden speakers.I strayed from the presidential track Figured instead of running the country I would do something really meaningful I became a school teacher and spent two amazing years in Seattle.Eventually I came back home to South Jersey I got a temp job to hold me over until I could find another teaching position and have been at my current company for eight years I keep telling my boss that I m only staying for a little while longer But he has since stopped listening to me.So what else is there to know about me I write I work I exercise I try not to eat I fail I beat myself up for not succeeding to not eat Then I drink It s a simple life I lead.I date But that s a whole other story.

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