Psychology and Culture: Thinking, Feeling and Behaving in

With increasing globalization, countries face social, linguistic, religious and other cultural changes that can lead to misunderstandings in a variety of settings These changes can have broader implications across the world, leading to changing dynamics in identity, gender, relationships, family, and community This book addresses the subsequent need for a basic understanding of the cultural dimensions of psychology and their application to everyday settingsThe book discusses the basis of culture and presents related theories and concepts, including a description of how cognition and behavior are influenced by different sociocultural contexts The text explores a broad definition of culture and provides practical models to improve intercultural relations, communication, and cultural competencyEach chapter contains an introduction, a concise overview of the topic, a practical application of the topic using current global examples, and a brief summary This up to date overview of psychology and culture is ideal reading for undergraduate and graduate students and academics interested in culturally related topics and issues Psychology and Culture: Thinking, Feeling and Behaving in a Global Context

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