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Plain Admirer Love Is Only A Letter AwaySo what if Joann Yoder s Amish community deems her a spinster She s content to stay single In the meantime, she s working hard to finally buy her dream house So it s problematic when she s fired from her job to make room for the owner s nephew, Roman Weaver His blue eyes aside, she simply can t stand him Good thing she has the secret letters she s been exchanging with a mystery man to keep her going But who is writing her letters And could she possibly fall for him in real life, too

About the Author: Patricia Davids

I was born and raised in Northcentral Kansas I m a farmer s daughter, but I now make my home in the city of Wichita I m an RN Neonatal nursing has been the main focus of my career What can I say I love babies I was invited to the highschool graduation of a baby I took care of Talk about making me feel old In June of 2011 I became a widow after my husband of 36 years and 11 months died from multiple brain tumors It was a very sad time, but thanks to the three f s, my faith, my family and my friends, life is moving forward I have four brothers, one daughter and two grandchildren who all work at making me feel loved.I m the author ofthan 30 books and I m currently writing a series called The Brides of Amish Country for Love Inspired.

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    Lovely Amish romance Roman and Joann were such endearing characters Enjoyed learning about the Amish way of life I loved how Roman and Joann connected through their letter writing and began to care for each other, with either one not knowing who their mysterious pen pal was Wonderful book

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    Plain Admirer by Patricia Davids Takes place in Hope Springs, Ohio in the middle of Amish Country The author does a wonderful job of writing the scenes to the point you feel you are riding in a horse drawn cart, fishing on a lake or in a printing office learning how to use typeset Joann Yodar, a confirmed spinste

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    Patricia Davids writes really lovely Amish romance These aren t books like Beverly Lewis or Wanda Brunstetter These stories are love stories Readers already know Joann from the last book.This book is about two seemingly opposite personalities attractingbut as you read the story, you find out that Joann and Roman really a

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    4 STARSI liked Plain Admirer Joann is fiesty character It would be hard to change where you lived every four months.Joann has three older brothers with the youngest is 15 years older than her They were never close to her When their parents died the three brothers decided that Joann would live with each brother for four months th

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    Two people who have known each other forever, but really do not know one another, each has had their own pain of moving on in their lives, but they are true to being Amish.I cringed when one of Joann s brothers threw her new fishing pole, but that horrible act is the catalyst to bringing a better relationship between these two, without

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    Roman weaver was crippled in a car accident He is no longer able to work in his fathers sawmill safely His uncle runs a publishing company and offers him a job Only he doesn t know that the lady who teaches him how to do everything is being forced from her job to make room for him Slowly they learn to get along and work together, although somet

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    I haven t read many Amish stories but this title and story line caught my eye and I decided to read it I enjoyed this sweet love story The characters are well crafted and the plot is good I enjoyed watching the relationship progress and kept reading to the end It was that good I look forward to reading the next book by Patricia Davids.

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    Love s it Patricia Davis has a way of weaving a story together to keep you reading This Amish love story has twists and turns that made me stay up way too late.

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    Plain Admirer was a quick read filled with characters that needed to find a place to fit in Joann and Roman both are dealing with hurts Joann was living with a different brother every four months and wanted to be on her own When it looked like she could move out on her own, events happened that wounded deep Roman was recovering from an accident that limited the use of

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    Overall I did enjoy This was basically and Amish spin on You ve Got Mail and I thought that aspect was great.Unfortunately I did read this during a reading slump so that might have hindered my enjoyment.I also found the fishing parts boring but it is a big part of the book for a specific reason.I also appreciated how the Amish in this book were taking up a collection to give

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