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The rich, the glamorous, the powerful all come to STARS to gossip, to make deals and to indulge luxuriously in their most erotic fantasies At the magnificent and secluded Palm Springs mountaintop resort, bodies and souls are offered up to save fragile careers or are used to extract the final succulent and satisfying drops of sweet retribution And above it all, manipulating events from the shadows, is the beautiful owner of STARS a woman of great mystery, fleeing the tragedy, disgrace, and scandal or a devastating past that haunts her every moment Joan Collins could learn a thing or two from Kathryn Harvey Chicago Tribune Stars

About the Author: Kathryn Harvey

Barbara Wood was born on 30 January 1947 in Warrington, Lancashire, England, UK Together with her parents and older brother, she immigrated to the United States She grew up in Southern California and attended Los Angeles Schools After High School, Barbara attended the University of California at Santa Barbara but left to train as a surgical technician During this time, Barbara held numerous jobs, before she sold her first novel in 1976 A few years prior, Barbara met her husband George To date, Barbara has written 22 books, including two under the pen name Kathryn Harvey, these books are quite different from the Barbara Wood s novels and she, her agent and editor agreed that a pen name would serve to indicate the difference She is an international best selling author with books translated into over 30 languages The reader is transported to exotic countries that Barbara has meticulously researched to provide her fans with a true sense of the culture and history relevant to each story At the heart of every book, is a strong, independent woman Currently, Barbara is busy working on her next story that will, no doubt, showcase an extraordinary heroine in an exciting and intriguing adventure.When not writing, Barbara often takes time to enjoy the work of other authors, and that of a certain well known martial artist, whose name is listed among the Ten things you might not know about Barbara.

10 thoughts on “Stars

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    I loved Butterfly, the first book in this Harvey series I quickly turned to Stars to have something else to read and pleasantly delighted when Harvey effortlessly combined the first and second books together in a twist that I didn t expect I highly recomme

  2. says:

    Didn t realize this was the sequel to Butterfly which I read years ago in college Easy to get back into and complete the story

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    I think I actually liked this book better than Butterfly I really liked Butterfly, but having some knowledge of the background on parts of the story definitely helped me with this one Still, this book took some crazy twists and turns I can t say what the HUGE tw

  4. says:

    Another trashy novel by Kathyrn Harvey real trashy I don t remember the overall plot other than Stars is a club for the powerful and elite in Palm Springs I picked this up after I tore through her other book Butterfly It is on my keeper shelf and I am sure I will r

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    I loved the angle of following Beverlies sister through her path to success Again another character that is both tragic but inspiring and loved following her through everything.

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    1 2I really enjoyed the first book This one was written some what differently It felt like there were so many story lines moving all at once in a hectic way When the final 50 pages were starting it seemed like she was going to have to squeeze so many things in to wrap up

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    Fun FUN FUN READ I loved it

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    Sequel to Butterfly, just as smutty but with such a great story Absolutely loved these two.

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    The book was very long, seemed to drag Then then ending was rushed Way to many stories cramed into about 20 pages.

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    Loved this sequel to Butterfly Like Butterfly, the book did have some extraneous and unreal sex scenes, but all in all, the plot was interesting and there werethan enough characters to keep you thinking.Like Butterfly, you really do have to practice suspension of disbelief How could

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