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Three Early Novels William Trevor s Last Stories is forthcoming from Viking Three novels by a master craftsman and a deep creative talent The TimesLondon In his first novel, The Old Boys, a group of septuagenarians revive schoolboy conflicts in the election of the President of the Association Now, however, the men possess a fiercer understanding of the things in life that matter power, revenge, hatred, love, and the failure of love and intrigue and deceit result.In The Boarding House, William Wagner Bird takes in boarders whom society would never miss if it ever noticed they were around With these misfits, Bird creates a world where people are identified by their quirks rather than by their character Then he makes a fatal mistake He dies.From the offices of The Love Department, Lady Dolores cures the heartaches of the lonely wives of Wimbledon with inimitable flourish and finesse When the newest protege, Edward Blakeston Smith, is sent on a mission to learn the secrets of seductive, scheming Septimus Tuam and stop him in his tracks he learns about love and its friends and enemies.In these early novels, one of the acclaimed masters of twentieth century fiction created the dark landscape and compassionate characters that have become hallmarks of his extraordinary career One of the very best writers of our era The Washington Post Book World Mr Trevor s sheer intensity of entry into the lives of his people proceeds to uncover new layers of yearning and pain, new angles of vision and credible thought The New York Times Book Review

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