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    This is the first time other than Paris, I have read a book set in the very place I happened to be, after spending a couple of days in Rome Although it s a wonderful city with some fantastic sights, call me old fashioned, but I would rather have gone back there in the days of Federico Fellini, but for obviously reasons that wasn t

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    We have an exhibition now in the Thyssen museum that explores the relationship between Impressionist painting and photography There hangs a pastel similar to the one at the top of this review As I was reading this Italian novel when I visited the exhibition I remember thinking of the connection between models and prostitution, as treate

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    My first time to read an Alberto Moravia s 1907 1990 novel and I am enchanted.Originally written in Italian, the translator must have done a good job in translating it to English I had a wonderful time reading because of the prose clear, crisp, incandescent I did not have feeling at all that I was reading a old first published in 1949 book.To

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    One of the best novels that I have read in my life and one of those that once started you cannot put down, you just have to make trough all the 500 or how many pages no matter what Such a sad, brutally honest and beautiful prose, I just loved itI think what I liked most about The Woman of Rome is a certain sense of dooman atmosphere of darkness, fi

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    Amor Fati In Fascist ItalyAlberto Moravia was a leading mid Twentieth Century Italian novelist and short story writer Although his works were quickly translated into English, they were little read in the United States Fortunately for interested readers, many of his books are now in print again and accessible, including his 1949 novel, The Woman of Rome.T

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    I read its Hindi translation A pathetic story of a simple and beautiful girl who fell in prostitution and how her life leads to a tragic end The story gives the message that being ambitious is good, but always care of the means by which you want to get the target Sometimes instincts can t differentiate in good and bad and that leads to suffering.

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    Adriana is a young woman of Mussolini s Italy who becomes a prostitute, oraccurately, grows into her destiny what she believes she was born to be Like another Moravia novel, The Conformist, this one suggests that, in a cynical world, surrendering to fate can be the ultimate expression of freedom But unlike Clerici, the protagonist of The Conformist who resists his o

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    Almost, almost perfect the second half was not as good as the first, and I think it was due to my dislike of Mino, who I found irritating, superficial, and boring he s intended to be this way, I know not to mention the ending was rushed and kind of cray But it s easy to forgive, especially when everything else about the book was so enjoyable Definitely a favorite.Full rev

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    The Woman of Rome, is told from the point of view of a prostitute.Moravia s skillful chronicle of the moral education of Adriana, an impressionable and essentially kind woman, remains potent, its naturalism complicated by excursions in voyeurism Moravia has incorporated in his world the soul of women, he has become woman and in this transformation, he makes Adriana such that we

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    So cruel yet so tender Full of oposits Adriana lives a life of a prostitute yet her purpose s so pure She is so deep yet so superficial Moravia depicted such a moral decadence with so much understanding and avoided any judgement over the poor girl so as tooffer a reader an opportunity to come to his own verdict.Truly interesting reading consisting of interesting plot, tricky topic an

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