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A Dead Red Oleander What if quitting your boring job put you in line for murder Her beloved great aunt wants to bar b que dad s side kick, Bruce the goat, and her man hungry cousin has her sights set on her number one pilot What else could possibly go wrong Oh yeah, her new pilot is really a CPA hiding from a vicious Las Vegas hitman

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    Lalla Bains and her dad are selling their crop dust business, but in the meantime Lalla hires a new pilot Dewey Treat to help them in their last season Unfortunately, Dewey ends up dead at their end of business party at least he died at the right themed party Lalla ends up taking care of Nancy, Dewey s widow, and brings her to her home because sh

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    Naturally I read it I wrote it Here re what reviewers are saying I m so happy that Lalla Bains is back This is was my favourite book of the three and it s all there crime, mystery, suspense and great characters I really liked the glimpses into Lalla s thoughts as she goes back and forth with new theories Her dad completely lost in a house full of wome

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    I won a copy of A Dead Red Oleander after entering a contest on a blog I have no affiliation with the author or publisher and have not received payment for my review A Dead Red Oleander starts off with a bang Why is this woman Lalla handcuffed beneath a truck What did she do Who left her there Is someone coming back to finish her off The prologue did an ex

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    Thriller and love story.Yes, May the road rise up to meet you Lalla and Pearlie I hope their will bebooks about them, and I will be reading all of them Those delicious dinners made my mouth water Another short story that will be keeping you warm in the winter.

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    R.P Dahlke, you know all about er The Red Dead sleuther series writer She s kinda like er gutsy gal Lalla, she who be the wannabe investigator, When she hits er groove, she too is highly over active, that R P s a real go getter She cranks em out like pure Con Ag butter, Not creamy, sliding, like that kind of butter Heck no She keeps em threaded tight together Kinda

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    Lalla Bains is back, and this time she s not alone Her nuptials only days away, and the newest pilot for the crop dusting company dies at a prewedding party The authorities arrest the man s wife Lalla insists the wife is not guilty, but her fianc Caleb is not so sure and warns her not to meddle in the case We know that would be impossible for Lalla She s off to track dow

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    This book is the third book in the series The author has created a wonderful crime mystery that will make readers laugh I know I did several times while reading this book.The characters Lalla Bains and her fianc Caleb are at it again Lalla is trying to end the season of crop dusting in the black and the business will be sold Caleb is just trying to keep Lalla out of trouble I

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    The opening of the book absolutely hooks youa gorgeous blonde handcuffed to the bottom of a vehicle on the side of the highway in 100 degree weather What a wonderful read this was If you are going to the beach, the pool or even just staying home and avoiding the heat, this is a great read for you Both my husband and I loved A Dead Red Oleander although I wouldn t go so far as to s

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    A Dead Red Oleander by Rebecca Dahlke was light reading, entertaining, and most enjoyable.Lalla Bains, an aero ag pilot, is about to go through some life changing events, including an upcoming wedding Waking up to find herself handcuffed to the bumper of a truck out in the middle of nowhere is only the beginning or is it the end The new pilot she s hired for the crop dusting business i

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    Don t start a novel like this expecting exquisite cuisine with a fine wine thinkalong the lines of a kickass cheeseburger at an old school truck stop, and as long as you don t pay attention to the grease stains or find the clientele around you an issue, you ll do fine.The writing was sometimes sloppy, and the dialogues trite but the plot advancement was rollicking and the central character,

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